Garden stake still life with spray paint, bird and Posca pen


“Will you go get me some Bokchoy out of the garden?” Seemed simple enough but left most of my people frozen in the tracks of that request too many times. Even my friends that cook would just stand there looking at all those plants and go blank. Instead of making my loved ones out to be veggie idiots , I made garden stakes so they could painlessly go pick what I need in record time! Isn’t that how most great ideas are born??  Out of sheer necessity?? (Haa…speaking of idiot…I just spelled necessity so bad 3 times in a row, even the auto correct couldn’t read it!)

The garden stakes were an easy afternoon project.  I scored some wood scraps leftover from a neighbors new fence.  Glued and nailed them in a T shape.  Hit em each with a coat of spray paint and did the labeling with one of those awesome Japanese Posca paint pens.  These were outside in the garden for 2 years and they’ve held up great!  I planted a couple new varieties this year so I just sprayed over the old stakes and wrote in the new plant name. Done!

how to plant a garden Bokchoy california pixie blog gardening

gardenting ideas home made DIY garden stakes markers    DSC_0288

DSC_0283    make your own garden stakes

DSC_0287    posca paint pen japan japanese spray paint


DSC_0296    DIY garden stakes gardening blog ideas

grow your own kale make your own garden markers stakes DIY spray paint

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Posca pens come in a rainbow of great colors and sizes.  We use them mainly to paint designs on surfboards. They are super permanent. They’re also great to paint shoes and hats and whatever.  

6 thoughts on “Garden stake still life with spray paint, bird and Posca pen

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    • Hey Frances! Bokchoy. I love it in soups. Esp a filipino soup called Nilaga that I make by boiling beef bones. It’s also great sauted with garlic chips. I cook all greens this way. Slice up the garlic, fry it til golden, remove then saute the greens. Add salt, soy sauce or braggs, lemon. Sprinkle with garlic chips. Deeeelish!!! k.

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