Easter Egg Launcher

After Easter, we don’t make egg salad, we make a mess!  It started nice enough by rolling eggs down the hill. Then a throwing contest led to the use of baseball bats and exercise bands. This year we decided to make a real easter egg launcher. It’s easy! Get surgical tubing and a funnel at the hardware store. Drill 2 holes. Tie super sturdy square knots and you have launch (or…launcher)!

Not big on egg salad? Sounds like it’s craft time! Don’t shoot your eye out!

Aim high cuz this launcher flings em far!


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Lucky Cat DIY Tshirt Restyle Tutorial

kimi encarnacion california pixie tshirt DIY lucky cat moonpools and caterpillars

You guys are spoiled!  I did a santa tshirt DIY makeover last week and I guess you all loved it!  Step by step instructions aren’t my cup o joy but since a few of you asked for a restyle tutorial and I wanted to cut into this lucky cat tshirt…You got it! Lucky cat is your lucky day!!

DSC_0060    DIY tshirt

tshirt DIY

1) Turn the tshirt you want to cut into inside out.

2) Find a tshirt that fits close to how you want this new one. Lay it evenly over the top of the one you’re cutting up.  Line up shoulder and side seams. That’s your makeshift makeover pattern.

tshit DIY   tshirt DIY-001

3) Get some chalk and draw around the tshirt you’re using as your pattern.  This gives you your sew lines.

4) Fold the tshirt in half and transfer the lines you just drew onto the other half of your tshirt.  This ensures that your side seams will be symmetrical.

tshirt DIY-002    tshirt DIY-003

5) Sew it up!  Sew right on top of the lines you drew.  Since I used red thread on a red shirt, you can’t really see where I sewed it in the pic but it’s there.

6) Cut off the extra fabric about 1/4 – 1/2 inch from your seam line.

tshirt DIY-005    tshirt DIY-006

7) Neckline.  You can leave it as is or cut it out like I did.  Good idea is to fold it in half so again, it’s symmetrical.

tshirt DIY-004    tshirt DIY-007

8) Trim.  I use pieces from the shirt to finish off my cut edges.  You can easily leave them raw but I like to finish them.  Here, I’m using the sleeve.  Cutting away the part I need for my neckline.

lucky cat tshirt DIY restyle remake california pixie blog

9) You can see how I sewed that piece around the neckline.  I used the baby rib trim from the crew neck I cut off to finish my sleeves.  You can do whatever you want.  Possibilities are endless which, is the beauty of restyle makeovers!  Have fun and I hope this gives you a little DIY know how.

DSC_0038    kimi encarnacion moonpools and caterpillars california pixie pinoy rock 2014 lucky cat DIY tshirt restyle remake makeover

Click HERE to see the Santa DIY Tshirt Girly Makeover.

don't stop believin tshirt kimi encarnacion california pxie blog design vintage lifestyle

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Color Craft Rainbow

colorwheel button

Today’s color wheel eye candy is my mom’s stuff. She’s a self proclaimed organization enthusiast.  A sorting brainiac!  And rainbow order…I just love anything in rainbow order!  Enjoy this simple color treat!

crayon pens organization california pixie

markers pens organization caddy


kid craft child scissors crayons

crochet hooks color inspiration california pixie blog

colored pencils up close california pixie color wheel inspiration

This picture of the colored pencils is my favorite!

liquid embroidery caddy paint pens vintage 40s tin canister    DSC_0789

Who knows about these Tri-Chem liquid embroidery pens that were a huge rage in the 70s?  The women of Utah embraced them wildly, maybe they were all across america.  This was my Grandma’s set.  Original canister.  The embroidery hoop is made to fit over the lid exactly for storage and the tin is about a foot tall so you could store your handiwork in there as well.  Form and function!  So cool!

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Favorite Bunny Cake

Show up anywhere with this bunny cake and the peeps will smile!!  Happy Easter!

Click HERE to view the full Easter Bunny Cake post on California Pixie. bunny collage

Click the link at the top of post for more bunny cake pix and how to.

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I believe in Santa DIY tshirt girly makeover

don't stop believin tshirt gnome santa california pixie vintage tshirt makeover restyle

Don’t stop believin’!!  I found this big boxy tshirt at the thrift shop this week.  Santa Claus?  I had to have it! It needed help, tho. I love a good tshirt makeover!! A pair of scissors, a sewing machine and a bit of brave DIY later, I’m a pretty happy girl!

DIY tshirt makeover

california pixie sewing tshirt makeover re do how to restlyle a tshirt DIY gnome santa    DSC_0027

DSC_0017    kimi encarnacion california pixie DIY tshirt makeover remake gnomes

tshirt restlye remake makeover california pixie DIY sewing

kimi encarnacion 1970 Bronco DIY tshirt makeover california pixie    DIY tshirt

don't stop believin tshirt kimi encarnacion california pxie blog design vintage lifestyle

santa shirt    vintage gnome readina  book california pixie blog


don't stop yawning

Sometimes the makeover details are a yawner (like this picture ;) so I slide em in at the bottom of my posts just in case anyone wants the  juicy DIY info.  I’ve already done a post on a hoodie makeover with similar info and since I’m not really a How To blogger that provides instruction, I’ll just give you the link HERE. My job is to plant the seed of creativity!  Haha!!!

Here are some more DIY posts and California Pixie makeovers. Enjoy!

Greetings from the 60s and 70s


I spent the weekend in Utah with my parents helping my mom get her genealogy blog up and running.  I was snapping pix all over the place and found this stack of vintage greeting cards on my Dad’s desk. Huge smile!!! I love old cards! The art, the colors, the paper, the old way we used to hand pen our greetings, the whole deal!


vintage 70s valentine card pop art cartoon american    vintage valentines card


postcard    greeting cards holiday 60s 70s vintage

greetings from sacramento card vintage nostalgia california pixie    old vintage greeting card graduation

vintage greeting cards hallmark mid century 60s

I LOVE this one that my aunt Noonie sent my Dad.  She was still a kid…so funny!

vintage greeting card    card

vintage greeting cards california pixie

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Succulent and easy bohemian dinner party decor

boho dinner decor bohemian vintage indian clothes succulant planters pottery simple and easy table ideas-001

This was easy! Easy cuz I have all this great junk I seem to find everywhere. It’s prom season and my friend hosted a dinner party for 30 kids before their dance. I never volunteer to help with decor cuz my style’s not matchy theme style and it doesn’t always play well with others. This friend’s the type that let’s you do your thing. She just wants it fun and done! In that case, I’m all in!!  I threw together this super simple table decor. I have these great vintage thriftshop bedspreads from India and a bunch of other fabrics collected from travels. Those combined with mid century pottery stuffed with backyard succulents give the decor bohemian simplicity without an obvious theme, don’t ya think? When I say bohemian I mean that soulful mix and match ease. We strung christmas lights, yes, the colored ones, and piled the serving table full of mexican food. Easy! I’ve realized part of my thing here on the Pixie is to absolutely love what you love and use what you have.  Americans tend to run to the store every time we tackle something. If you look around, your magic’s probably already there, you just have to go for it!

easy simple decorating ideas for outdoor summer dinner party boho vintage california pixie succulants

simple boho bohemian vintage dinner party outdoor decor ideas succulants pottery  california pixie    dinner decor succulant plantings vintage planters pottery boho fabrics indian paisley gauze

boho dinner decor bohemian vintage indian clothes succulant planters pottery simple and easy table ideas

how to use make succulant centerpieces boho vintage wedding tabletop  bohemian california pixie    easy dinner party outdoor decor ideas entertaining ethnic

I’ve discovered oasis, that green foam made for florists, works great for indoor succulent plantings.  The plants actually root into it and it holds water like crazy!  Each of these pots are made that way.

easy bohemian dinner party decor ideas vintage pottery succulants

And of course a few shots of my favorite dinner party couple!

rocky dance    dance pictures    dance pix mormal rocky brynna

More California Pixie!  Read on…..More succulent ideas and an origami corsage!


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