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Pix from the last couple months on Instagram.  Come follow me other there at honeyofcalifornia.  I’m about ready to launch my clothing company.  Pretty exciting times!!   kimi.

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Red Orange In The Summer Sky

red beach hat kimi encarnacion california pixie blog vintage style fashion .jpg

I’m moving my blog photos and fun to instagram. You can follow me there at honeyofcalifornia.  I’m pouring all my juice into the launch of my clothing company and instagram is where I’m gonna be. I post these same kimi style photos and some personal stuff as well as my adventures getting this biz off the ground. It’s gonna be fun!

So,for now…here’s some high noon pix Rocky took of me and a lot of red and orange mixed together. Have a GREAT day!!!  This isn’t goodbye, just a change of venue!  ;) See you on insta @honeyofcalifornia

redt beach hat white vintage round sunglasses allyn scura eyewear.jpg

kimi encarnacion california pixie blog vintage fashion style decor blogger.jpg


How about those vintage white round sunglasses from Allyn Scura Eyewear? I made the skirt out of an old house dress. Like a Mac Guiver of needle and thread, I just cut it out, even saved the big front zipper. Some of the coolest old fabrics I find are on these vintage house dresses.  Crazy print gold.

Lucky Cat Bellbottoms

california pixie vintage fashion daily style outfits birdenstock free people inspired bellbottoms jeans lucky cat alternative apparel tshirt fanny pack kimi encarnacion-001

I was off to the market. Love that fanny pack and I think I wear these bellbottom jeans + Birkies everyday! On my days off (from the bells) I’m breaking in a pair of dark indigo skinnies. The kind you spot clean only for 6 months to get the perfect fade. Pretty unfun! I’m a hopeless romantic when it comes to denim!

california pixie vintage fashion daily style outfits birdenstock free people inspired bellbottoms jeans lucky cat alternative apparel tshirt fanny pack kimi encarnacion    california pixie daily style vintage fashion-001

Having a Tammy Wynette hair day on the left. The pic to the right is how I feel around certain people.  I move fast and the background kind of stays slow.

lucky cat alternative apparel DIY tshirt california pixie kimi encarnacion-001

lucky cat alternative apparel tshirt DIY


DIY Free People inspired patchwork bellbottoms. Click on the hyper link to get to my original DIY post. Alternative Apparel Tshirt w/ a lucky cat kimi restyle. And my birkies, and that red fanny pack.  It’s all there!

Bowl Shucks

amish butter rpint pyrex vintage bowl kimi encarnacion california pixie vintage lifestyle style fashion decor blogger blog

I call this post Bowl Shucks but only because My Perfect Everyday 50s Homemaker Life was taken! Enjoy the color fest and drool over these beautiful bowls.  Don’t skip over the salad book.  What a fab piece of cover work on that thing.

vintage 1950s cookbooks amish butter print pyrex

amish butterprint pyrex bowl

pink cake decorating cowboy theme birthday ranch party vintage 1950s

I’d eat any cake decorated like this pink one with the white daisies. Happiest cake on earth.

california pixie kimi encarnacion amish pyrex bowl red checked gingham dress vintage

My mom gave me these 1960s Amish butter print bowls by pyrex for my birthday a few years back.  I had asked her for the ones she got in 1967 for her wedding but alas…they had been donated to the kitchen at the church sometime in the late 80s when they were simply called old instead of beautifully vintage.  And that red gingham tablecloth dress? Ya, it’s vintage (not old :). The stack of cool old cookbooks have the BEST pictures!!  I love my old cake book! I have one book full of recipes for foods that can be mixed with gelatin and tossed into a jello mold.  It’s happy and scary all at once!  Lastly, loving my 35mm lense.  So warm with just the right amount of background fuzz.

My Succulent Bohemian Decor Featured

easy simple decorating ideas for outdoor summer dinner party boho vintage california pixie succulants

My succulent bohemian decor idea was featured today on  I don’t consider my style to be bohemian but I do get called a hippie enough to make me wonder. View full version of the original post on California Pixie HERE.

simple boho bohemian vintage dinner party outdoor decor ideas succulants pottery  california pixie    dinner decor succulant plantings vintage planters pottery boho fabrics indian paisley gauze

Perfect Floppy Hat

1970 ford bronco black twig jeans urban outfitters red clog sandgrens sandals fanny pack floppy hat fashion style blog california pixie.jpg

I get a hat I love and I wear that thing into the ground. This one’s well travelled and even saved me from Coachella’s sun a couple years ago. It’s high noon and me and my twin (Rocky) are out on a camera walk.  I think I told you I’m finally learning how to use the manual settings on my camera and I’ve nominated him as my photography pal.

perfect felt floppy boho hat vintage sunglasses coldplay tshirt    DSC_0289

coldplay concert tshirt kimi encarnacion california pixie fanny pack ford bronco airstream


kimi encarnacion california pixie vintage style fashion decor blogger

Wearing my brand new black twig jeans from Urban Outfitters (on sale right now), vintage sunglasses, Sandgren’s clog sandals.  Wish I could tell you where to find the hat, it’s been around for a while.


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