Laundromat Love and Mayer Hawthorne

It’s a foggy June Gloom kind of day and topping my do-do list is wash the Flokati.  We don’t have a pet at our house.  We have 2 Flokati’s.  It’s that fluffy, white cloud on my living room floor in the next pic. Pure heaven! They’re big hairy creatures that get really dusty and dirty and one was in serious need of some laundry love.  I packed a bag with my camera and a project to occupy while I waited for the triple loader to do it’s thing. The pink chairs, rows of identical machines, linoleum flooring…this laundromat palace shined for the camera and I have the cleanest Flokati in town!

A friend at yoga turned me on to Mayer Hawthorne this week. His music is clean, crisp motownish, Stylistics-esque. It got me to the beach and back with a huge smile! It goes great with the pix so I’ll leave you with that. It’s down at the end if you wanna listen right now! (I would) THANKS for all the good words. Fun getting to know some of you through your comments. Have a great weekend! kimi.




In case you’re a Flokati person and are wondering. We shake our’s out once a week to keep it clean but every few years, more or less, I wash it.  COLD water and HANG dry.  My sweet pal washed her’s and without thinking tossed it in the dryer…it didn’t survive.

38 thoughts on “Laundromat Love and Mayer Hawthorne

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  4. K, remember when I said I wanted to go shopping in your closet? Your living room makes me just as happy. We have a shaggy rug situation as well- AND a puppy with a lot of crumbly treats. Wonder if my rug needs a trip to the funky laundromat…
    Also digging the tunes. Thanks for the Saturday smile!

    • what’s not to love about Mayer?!? hahaha…i totally remember you wanting to shop in the closet! That living room is years of collecting. I love it! THANKS!!! Have ag reat weekend!! k.

    • Hahaha…I know. Someone advised to always have a camera handy. That’s the result. I wouldn’t even think to take pix there. A cool old guy saw me snapping and said, “yep, the old laundry shoot!” He was laughing. AND yes…Mayer is awesome! Happy weekend Sarah!! k.

  5. Love, love this post! The laundry shots are FAB- I can totally smell the clean! And Mayer Hawthorne does totally jive together with the ‘mat. It’s funny, the street shot with the cool truck totally looks like Ventura…good ol’ beach towns!

      • Yup-yup…well, Santa Paula- 15 min from beachside, citrus capital of the world, so it’s best of both worlds. When it’s overcast in Ventura, the sun’s a shinin’ in SP. :) If you are ever up this way it would be so fun to hook up! :)

      • I love it up there. Oh, I know…wouldn’t it be fun to get to meet? alrighty….happy weekend. k.

    • Nikon D-80! It can take can the darkest worst pix in the world if you don’t have the right light. It’s all about the light. I have ZERO know how about photography except 2 things. Light and manual focus! My BFF’s! : )) k.

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