Solar eclipse of the heart

5:38 pm. Fogged in at the beach, we drove up into the mountains until we found sun and an impromptu solar eclipse viewing party. This shot of Jay with the binoculars is my fave! Even tho we didn’t get the full ring around the moon in So Cal, it was still awesome!

Here’s how we really used the binos.

The coolest pinhole viewer!

297 thoughts on “Solar eclipse of the heart

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  2. I’m scared by all the people looking directly at the sun through various devices & lenses. It’s really much safer to project the solar eclipse on to a surface and watch it that way, like the cool pic of the sun on the hands. Pin-holes through paper are good for making such projections.

    • Totally. My eyes were really tired after and I didn’t even look through anything that much as I was busy snapping pix! The bino shot is a joke, of course. It eyes are squeezed so tightly he has wrinkles! The best were those 3D looking glasses. They were sooo dark. I was surprised. It was a great time! thanks for checking out my site. kimi.

  3. Quite possibly the uniquest photo I’ve ever seen! (The eclipses on the hand). Is there a story behind all of this? Very cool! :)

    • The kids just stuck their hands there for fun and it made for a great photo!! I had no idea 1000s of people would be viewing it! Crazy! kimi.

      • Well… “Life is a stream of unexpected events , because the unexpected happens when you don’t have the time or place to expect things the way you want the unexpected to be expected , and the expected stays unexpected till it happens as you expected.” I can see why people would view it though! So maybe it wasn’t so unexpected after all…? :P

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    • Thanks!!! Part of the reason i started doing the blog was to learn to use my camera. I’m learning all you really have to do to see it and shoot it! k.

  5. Great post! I missed the eclipse here on the east coast. I think it wasn’t going to be much here anyway. But pretty cool stuff anyway. Thanks for posting these cool photos! :)

    • Thanks for checking them out!!! I’ve had an unbelievable response from them. Who knew!!! So cool!! And a ton from peeps like you that missed it. THANKS!!! k.

      • No problem, thanks for sharing. I was sad I missed it, but I read there is supposed to be a total solar eclipse in either 2017 or 2018. Can’t wait for that one! :D

  6. I wish I could have seen the solar eclipse through those specialized glasses! That would have been amazing. I love your photos!

    • Well glad you liked it! There were just so many people pulled over on the road and every car had something different. I was snapping a away! thanks! kimi.

  7. Gorgeous post. Ouch about the binocs XD. Hope kids realise that even looking into the eclipsed sun without anything will definitely blind you – permanently. It’s cute to see how one really uses them though.

    • that shot was a joke. he had his eyes closed really tightly. Even cars that passed by were honking and waving their fingers at him. Even tho i did stare directly, my eyes were really tired after then I gave right home and fired up that post…I recovered. THANKs for checking it out!!! kimi.

      • :) I realised the binocs were a joke, shocker though. You were lucky re staring directly, there have been cases that didn’t come off that lightly. I read a pretty serious case of a girl who watched a whole eclipse looking directly, and when she looked away, all she had left was some peripheral vision. Could of course be an urban legend.

      • ooops, I meant to say even tho I DIDN’T stare directly. Oh man…my eyes were worn out just from the shadows. What a cool day!

    • Oh good, you got it! Not everyone did! someone asked what my pix had to do with a heart. I forget not everyone is privy to american pop culture…actually, Bonnie Tyler was British, I think. k.

  8. A very interesting new way to look at the natural phenomena but would you be kind enough to please shed some light on how’s it linked to the heart. Is it just the shape or something else?

  9. Adore that shot of the hands! I tried the binoculars but couldn’t find the right angle, so resorted to looking through my fingers & using a pinhole projector.

    These are great photos!

  10. Yes…….big commotion in my neighoburhood also – Tokyo. Most were out in the street. We could view it in our pajama, preparing to leave for work in the next 10 minutes’ or so. ….. Warned to not look at it for a straight 3 minutes even with the solar spec, we just swapped between viewing and changing, make-up, shaving .. …as we viewed the moon moved across the sun. Wow ….. great photos sharing here.

    • oh, that’s cool! Gives me a great pic of your experience! Ya, my eyes were really tired after, even without directly looking at it. THANKS!!!

  11. I missed the Eclipse yesterday. Felt bad a bit since I was planning to watch it with my son. But I saw this post and I got excited. I will show him this pictures instead. I bet he’ll love it. Thanks.

  12. Awesome….I totally missed it…I totally forgot about it…maybe next decade I’ll catch it…LMAO

  13. It has been amazing to me to see the different ways people around the world go about viewing this event. Each time the eclipse is viewed it’s done differently and produces different reactions in people. It is great to see a variety of different views complied together! I hope everyone who wanted to was able to get the chance to view this amazing event! The universe is a powerful thing!

  14. I am from Texas where we we were supposed to be able to see the full solar eclipse… unluckily for me though I came inside from a day at the pool at about 6:00pm…. half an hour before the solar eclipse and I didn’t think about it until it was too late. maybe next time…. :(

  15. Fantastic pictures!! I remember making some strange box-viewing thing when I was a little kid to watch the solar eclipse (and became a fort immediately afterwards). You’ve definitely brought back a lot of memories!

  16. I remember watching an about 97-ish% eclipse back in 1999, using the same kinds of pinhole & indirect-imaging devices. It really is an awe-inspiring phenomenon. I could have sworn the temperature fell dramatically during the moment of near-total eclipse, but perhaps that was a little subjective!

    I’d love to see a fully total eclipse at some point…

  17. And how are you keeping up the comments this Monday? Crazy cool!!
    ps. same viewing craziness in our hood…from welding masks to the paper glasses and the old 70′s box viewing. Loved it! We had clear sky until the ring-then clouds, so we missed that part too, and then clear sky again!! HA. So we’ll be expecting a big post again on June 5-6, Transit of Venus, right?? Love you.

  18. We were watching, too, in Reno, NV…such a cool event! We had clouds, but as they passed just as the five-minute ring of fire erupted, you could hear applause and cheers from EVERYWHERE.

    I have kids — 9 and 12. We told them they may see one more of these in their entire lifetime!

    Beautiful photos!


    • How much fun for you Mikalee!!! We could not see it here in Indiana, but we could feel the excitement and energy for sure! These photos are just perfect to capture how I thought a viewing party would be!!! Thank you for sharing! And congrats CA Pixie!

      • Thanks a ton!!! What a fun couple of days! the eclipse was pretty epic!! THANKs so much for checking out the pixie. kimi

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