Mid century kitchen is true love

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Someone left a comment asking to see more of my mid century kitchen.  Here it is…the room where it all happens.  There’s the area of the kitchen with the stove and oven then there’s this part. I’ll have 40 people in this house and find them all squished into this little space. A ton of laughs have been exchanged here. This really is true love!

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california pixie vintage decor pixie figurine waste king oven    vintage kitchen mid century kitsche decor california pixie blog lifestyle

One day Jay and I walked into my favorite junk shop and saw this white mid century sofa.  A beauty, straight out of the 50s, this corner sectional was still clean and fresh.  This little lady must have been parked in a formal sitting room where, lucky for me, it didn’t get much action. I have the perfect spot for it…don’t ya think? Funny, in this house the kitchen couch get’s all the love.

atomic vintage kitchen tea cup coffee saucer restaurantware homer laughlin

I do all my cooking with the same stove top and oven they had on The Beverly Hillbillies.  I can picture a big fat new 6 burner dual range in it’s place but I can’t give up on my old mid century charmer!

More California Pixie….browse on! (click on a pic)

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Blood orange color junkie

cara cara blood oranges vintage fabric yellow brown decor vintage tamac pottery dishes

Ok, all my little color junkies! I know I’m not alone, hundreds of you stop by California Pixie each day to see what’s at the end of my lens.  Today’s combo started when I sliced open oranges for a morning juice.  Look at those sweet babies….gorgeous! Thanks for checking in…Fun to be back and LOVE reading all of your comments!

blood cara cara oranges tamac pottery    DSC_0450-001


california pixie blog vintage decor furniture mid century dansh 60s

Those are Cara Cara and blood oranges up there in the top pix.  Gorgeous, huh?  The artwork in the 3rd pic is one of my favorite things.  One of my kids is slightly color blind and because of it, his artwork is full of the coolest most unexpected colors.  That picture hangs in this room.  See ya!  k.

Wait!  There’s more California pixie!  Click on a pic!

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Lunchtime Rockshow vintage asian inspired dress

vintage dress 1040s asian inspired japanese wooden figurine doll california pixie blog

I’ve tucked away vintage clothing finds for years.  I pulled this vintage 1940s asian inspired dress out of the pile to wear for the Lunchtime Rockshow fundraiser I helped with in january. I love lots of color, especially up on stage.  I almost passed on this brown beauty thinking it a bit drab.  Paired with bright red tights I had a perfect show dress.  It survived the whirl of my crazy arms! Enjoy the pix!

moonpools and caterpillars kimi encarnacion jay jay tim de pala gugut salgado 2014 los angeles rock

(photo credit:  Marc Loren)

vintage dress 1040s asian inspired japanese wooden figurine doll california pixie blog    DSC_0353

kimi encarnacion moonpools and caterpillars-002    kimi encarnacion moonpools and caterpillars-001

(photo credit: Marc Loren)

DSC_0373    vintage wooden japanese girl figurine japan california pixie blog

kimi encarnacion moonpools and caterpillars

(photo credit: Marc Loren)

In case you were curious about the show we did, Moonpools and Caterpillars put on the Lunchtime Rockshow in January 2014 at the Whiskey in Hollywood to raise funds for typhoon relief in the Philippines.  We raised over $21,000 through show tickets and tshirt sales that went out all over the world.  The outpouring of giving blew us away! People are so generous! In some of the worst hit areas of the Philippines, almost EVERY roof was blown off by the up to 200 mile an hour winds.  Funds are still needed, especially to provide roofs.  No amount is too small, but do be mindful of where you donate.  Not all charities are created equal. We chose LDS Humanitarian Aid as 100% of all donations go directly to the cause.

lunchtime rockshow poster

More fun stuff from California Pixie!  (click on a pix)

moonpools caterpillars stirt ethiopia show reunion     make your own shopping bag rice sack     vintage silk shift dress neon floral vintage blue cowboy boots kimi encarnacion california pixie     DSC_0184

Dress in a jiffy vintage pattern Simplicity

kimi encarnacion california pixie sewing vintage dress pattern felt hat

My 92 year old grandma has been cleaning out her closets.  I totally scored!  She gave me her collection of vintage patterns.  She’s sewn up each and every one of them.  I would love to have the clothing but it’s long gone.  The patterns are a time trip from the 40s thru 70s.  I whipped this dress up in a jiffy, just like it says on the pattern!  Simplicity 7617 was good to me.  Of course, I took it in til it fit me perfectly.  If I had a rainbow of these dresses, I’d wear one everyday!

california pixie kimi encarnacion fun vintage lifestyle blog popular    california pixie blog

vintage pattern simplicity 7617 jiffy patterns easy    california pixie blog collecting vintage patterns

vintage pattern simplicity 7617 jiffy patterns

kimi encarnacion california pixie vintage life style blog sewing patterns

I made this dress using a vintage Simplicity jiffy pattern 7617.  The fabric is a cotton with a bit of poly that has a stretch linen look.  I picked up a whole roll of this fabric from a fave place downtown Los Angeles.  I believe everyone should own a sewing machine.  If you do, dust it off and make something!  AND if you do, send me a pic!  Happy day!  kimi.

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Rage on with heirloom seeds

baker creek heirloom seeds california pixie

I have this little thing about growing what I eat.  This year I ordered heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  I was with a bunch up friends in San Francisco over Labor Day and when we landed in downtown Petaluma for icecream someone pointed out the seed bank.  It’s a big old gorgeous building where Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds are stored and sold.  I didn’t know what an heirloom seed was.  I do now. Look at the packaging…a sweet bonus!  I don’t want to rip ‘em open..beautiful!  LOVE the black and the 50s style fonts.  FAB!!  Go plant a little garden this spring.

california pixie kimi encarnacion heirloom seeds baker creek gardening vegetable

DSC_0295    GMO free USA california pixie baker creek gardening blog

grow your own greens parsley heirlooms seeds baker creek

california pixie kimi encarnacion gardening heirloom seeds organic blog

Why heirloom seeds?  Click HERE for a link to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds or do your own internet search.

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make your own garden stakes          miniature ceramic animals tiger in vintage planter with succulents         chinese fold up hat vintage sunglasses kimi encarnacion california pixie bob haircut brunette         vintage metal chair boysenberries

All filled up

green sofa starburst clock nelson tiki lamp retro vintage decor blog california pixie

The house is quiet today…well, except for Foxygen and The Clash playing in the background.  This room was filled with a collection of my most favorite people on the planet one Sunday morning this summer.  It was the morning after the concert and it was perfect. I got thinking how life sits empty until you do something with it.  Until you fill it up.  Then, you have to keep it up.  It’s pretty simple if you look at it that way.  Hope you’re all having a great day!  Gonna leave ya with one of my favorite new songs for this introspective sorta day!  :)




50s hawaianna lamp vintage table tiki decor vintage california pixie

Moonpools and Caterpillars are back

kimi encarnacion moonpools caterpillars 2013 band concert gig show ethiopia health aidthrowing cards card toss bicycle vanessa m photography

I was a Moonpool before I became a Pixie!  Some of you know about my 90s glory band Moonpools and Caterpillars.  I was lucky enough to make a bit of a living doing something I absolutely loved with some of the people I adore most in this world! lucky so much that we called our Elektra records debut Lucky Dumpling.  After so many years we are back doing a SOLD OUT reunion benefit concert in Los Angeles this weekend.  The buzz has been FAB and the excitement is tops!!   Click HERE to read a fresh interview article about Moonpools and Caterpillars. Fun stuff!  So happy to be apart of it!!

moonpools 19

moonpools 16

All photo credits belong to Vanessa Mougenot.



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