Dress In A Jiffy Vintage Pattern Simplicity

kimi encarnacion california pixie sewing vintage dress pattern felt hat

My 92 year old grandma has been cleaning out her closets.  I totally scored!  She gave me her collection of vintage patterns.  She’s sewn up each and every one of them.  I would love to have the clothing but it’s long gone.  The patterns are a time trip from the 40s thru 70s.  I whipped this dress up in a jiffy, just like it says on the pattern!  Simplicity 7617 was good to me.  Of course, I took it in til it fit me perfectly.  If I had a rainbow of these dresses, I’d wear one everyday!

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vintage pattern simplicity 7617 jiffy patterns easy    california pixie blog collecting vintage patterns

vintage pattern simplicity 7617 jiffy patterns

kimi encarnacion california pixie vintage life style blog sewing patterns

I made this dress using a vintage Simplicity jiffy pattern 7617.  The fabric is a cotton with a bit of poly that has a stretch linen look.  I picked up a whole roll of this fabric from a fave place downtown Los Angeles.  I believe everyone should own a sewing machine.  If you do, dust it off and make something!  AND if you do, send me a pic!  Happy day!  kimi.

Rainbow Curtain Skirt

vintage ice skate figurine rainbow heart 80s curtain fabric skirt DIY

You say vintage 80s rainbow curtians? I say….Skirt!!!  Isn’t that the obvious answer??


DSC_0063    california pixie sewing rainbow skirt how to make

I have a serious thing for simple cut easy sew A-line skirts.  Been sewing and wearing them for years! They don’t take up a lot of fabric and they’re quick to sew up.  A lot of the really cool pieces of vintage fabric I find, like these rainbow curtains, are small cuts…perfect for these little easy skirts.  The hardest part is sewing in the zipper and that’s not all bad.  I used Burda 8281 for the pattern cuz that happens to be one I have.  It’s real basic, no waistband or anything…just the skirt.  I laid these curtains out on the table and traced the pattern. Super simple DIY!

Break out your machine!!  kimi.



Pink 50s Contour Chair Lounge

contour lounge chair vintage chinese phoenix wall sculpture-001

There’s a new girl in town!!!  Look at this fabulous PINK vintage contour chair lounge from the 1950s!!  I was having a hard time breaking back into regular life since my Philippines rock n roll fantasy. This did the trick!! I found it on my beach walk the other morning.  Walked the same route I always do, right past this old junk store thats overstuffed with furniture and great old things and there it was.  Sitting right outside just off the sidewalk waiting for me. Like it was bathed in some kind of a glorious light! “I have to have that chair!” Or at least thats what I said as flew through the front door of the shop.  Dale, the store owner knew exactly what I was talking about.  He’s sold me so many cool vintage beauties over the years. Done! And guess what? I read these were custom made and pre moulded to fit the customer.  We’re fun sized humans and it’s like it was made just for us!!  Oh, it’s mine now.  A 1950s Contour chair lounge rocker…..And it’s PINK!!!! Yaaa!!!

contour chair lounge 50s 1950s vintage collectible furniture california pixie

vintage funriture contour chair lounge    vintage 50s vinyl furniture

pink 50s contour chair lounge

california pixie vintage retro mid century modern decor blog

I had to scrub this baby.  It cleaned up a lot.  I wanna clean it again with something a little stronger to get all the real stubborn stuff off.  Not sure what I will use.  Let me know if you have a tried n true for vintage vinyl.


Moonpool’s Mania Hits the Philippines and I’m Loving It Up

big kimi smile arpee cabrera

Stepping up onto the stage and fans that know the words to my songs better than me!  Two of my favorite loves from the past couple weeks.  Moonpools and Caterpillars land in the Philippines after 17 years and WOW….they welcomed us like it was yesterday!  Unbelievably loyal, these fans rolled out the red carpet and smiles. They sing a long so loud we had to bring in more sound gear for the 2nd show so I could be heard over their happiness. Maybe I don’t have to say that getting back to everyday life this week has been a little tough. This experience was fantastic!!!  Beyond what any of us could have imagined. I even got teary in front of the Philippines press. We felt like kids on Christmas Eve….excited beyond words!

kimi jumping

kimi and jay

That’s my husband Jay Jay on guitar.

kimi singing happy arpee    kimi hear arpee

moonpools bow arpee cabrera

kimi dramatic arpee

Big thanks to Arpee Cabrera for these photos.  She captured so much emotion!
  • Moonpools Vocalist Turns Emotional In Front of the Philippines Press (Click HERE)
  • Moonpools and Caterpillars Treat Fans to an Intimate Show (Click HERE)

This video encapsulates the magic of these spirited fans perfectly!! Ahhh….my head is still spinning with the colors of the Philippines!  What a GREAT time!!!!  I just keep pinching myself!!

Russian Dolls and Your Clothing Size

russian nesting stacking dolls california pixie

Russian nesting dolls have totally nailed it! Same proportions, different heights. If humans were like russian dolls my life would be a little easier right now!  I’ve spent the day looking at size charts.  Lists of body measurements that clothing companies use to squeeze us into small, medium and large. There’s a big difference! The more uppity the brand, the smaller the sizes.  Evidently wealthy people are tall and thin. Old Navy nips in at the waist a little while Target gives you more breathing room. When you make a pattern for fashion you have to fit it on somebody.  Somebody that represents the body type and fit you want your clothing to have. I read that I needed someone 5’7″ who wears a size 2 to be my small fit model. Did I read it wrong? I have a lot of friends and do you know I could not find one body that fit those specifications! Teenagers, maybe, but to find a grown woman was a task. I woke up at 2 am the other morning thinking about it. Wait!  If I can’t find a friend with that setup, why would I make clothes with that standard in mind?  How can something so everyday, like clothing, be this complicated? Nobody told me this in design school. I had no idea what went into the sizing.  I handed the pattern maker a sample and said, “Make this, only change this, this and this!”  I thought it would be like magic. That they would know exactly what to do. It seemed like such a simple request. I’ve since done my homework and set more realistic sizing standards for my perfect fitting model. So, here I go.  Back to measuring everyone I see. I know she’s out there somewhere!

california pixie kimi encarnacion russion nesting dolls sewing room

russion stacking nesting dolls california pixie

Did any of you catch the piece NBC did on russian nesting dolls during the olympic coverage last week? It was great! I want one of those big 20 doll sets now….so cute!

Potty Pizazz

bathroom bamboo shelf gnome vintage succulent planter retro decor thriftshop galore

This bathroom was ready for a little refresher!  It had red walls and was kinda dark.  That was super fine for about 14 years but times they are a changin! The mushroom chalk drawing takes all the credit for the inspiration!

retro bathroom decor redo painted floor DIY vintage style blog dragon green walls    inspiration mushroom chalk drawing on black paper

plant in vintage planter pot california pixie decor    vintage floral cannon towel rtro bathroom

gnome with broom cleaning working sweeping california pixie    gnome succulents bathroom decor style blog  - Copy

how to paint a linoleum wood floor speckle chinese dragon bathroom decor ideas DIY    mini deer figurine in vintage planter succulents california pixie

I got the walls painted but the floor seemed sorta blah to me.  All I did was add some speckling with white paint.  That’s why the paper is up on the walls, so I wouldn’t flip paint all over everything. The dots make all the difference…perky!

When we moved into this house, it had the original linoleum floors displayed fondly in their faded yellow glory. I chose to paint rather than replace. Every few years I change the floor design. I use regular acrylic house paint for the base, usually acrylic craft paint for the design then top it off with 2-3 coats of clear.  I used to use polyurethane but they don’t sell that in California anymore, so water base it is.  Not near as durable and shiny but it does the job.

DSC_0144    bathroom redo retro style vintage blog  - Copy


Color Craft Rainbow

colorwheel button

Today’s color wheel eye candy is my mom’s stuff. She’s a self proclaimed organization enthusiast.  A sorting brainiac!  And rainbow order…I just love anything in rainbow order!  Enjoy this simple color treat!

crayon pens organization california pixie


kid craft child scissors crayons

crochet hooks color inspiration california pixie blog

colored pencils up close california pixie color wheel inspiration

This picture of the colored pencils is my favorite!



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