Military Twist

california pixie vintage fashion

I could have a rainbow of these skirts! The waist is up where the waist actually is. The huggy hip, the slight A-line. Perfect femme in a strict military, sexy but not giving too much away, sorta way. I’m done with the hanging over the top drop waist stuff. Too bad this skirt is vintage and I can’t order more!  Maybe I’ll add them to the line and use denim w a little stretch! Who’s in??

california pixie daily style vintage fashion red lotta swedish clogs kimi encarnacion   california pixie daily style vintage fashion red lottas swedish clogs kimi encarnacion patent purse

Swedish Lotta From Stockholm  clogs, Vintage military pencil skirt and 70s holly hobby style calico cotton top, 1950s patent red purse, DIY red beaded necklace 

Big Mexican Bohemian Color

baritone ukulele rainbow guitar strap vintage california pixie lifestyle blog

Big mexican bohemian color. Treasure brought back from Oaxaca and my baritone ukie.

bohemian decor vintage pillows embroidered crocheted

bohemian decor bedroom ideas vintage mexian embroidered patchwork bedspred pillows


bohemian decor crochet vintage heart pillow mxican oaxacan fabric patchwork bedspread

You might recognize these pix from a previous post. I love how that many colors can work together when the fabric is so rich with texture and quality. Couldn’t resist posting them on their own.

Insta Mania

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 10.20.20 AM.png

I’m on insta now! I just started up and I love it over there.  So fun…inspo one cool pic at a time! I’m getting ready to launch a small clothing company that’s a warm up for a bigger venture and instagram seems to be the perfect place to connect with lots of people that haven’t found me on the blog. I throw in some decor but my aim is to find people that share my same love of vintage fashion and dig my mix and match color packed style. Take a look…you might just love it!

You can follow me on instagram at californiapixie.


Things On Walls

cymbal monkey dia de los muertos paper mache skull pin shelf red walls california pixie kitschy decor blog

These are some bits of love from my workroom. Cling-ons with hardcore survival skills.  From childhood to my first apartment in Eagle Rock and now this life of family. l’ve dragged that B-52s poster around w me forever!

vintage button collection b52s poster creem magazine california pixie kitschy vintage decor blog-001

vintage b52s poster creem magazine 1982

cymbal monkey vintage

vintage paper dolls from across the sea button collection in jelly jars teal blue shelf california pixie kitschy vintage decor blog

Summer’s Little White Dress

california pixie fashion blog vintage dress shoes

White. Style it bare. Easy.

california pixie little white dress summer fashion trends blog   vintage shoes 50s 60s california pixie

kimi encarnacion moonpools caterpillars 2013 band concert gig show ethiopia health aidthrowing cards card toss bicycle vanessa m photography
photo of Moonpools and Caterpillars taken by Vanessa Mougenot

23 Years

kimi encarnacion california pixie moonpools and caterpillars

June marks 23 years of Kimi and Jay! Seems like forever and seems like yesterday. We got lucky!

kimi jay encarnacion california pixie blg    kimi encarnacion calfiornia pixie indie fashion blog vintage decor

Vintage chinese dress, Lux cotton sweater, Sandgren’s red clog sandals. Jay: Glasses ‘Angelo’ by Allyn Scura Eyewear


Mid Century Kitchen is True Love

vintage 50s 60s mid century decor california pixie blog

Someone left a comment asking to see more of my mid century kitchen.  Here it is…the room where it all happens.  There’s the area of the kitchen with the stove and oven then there’s this part. I’ll have 40 people in this house and find them all squished into this little space. A ton of laughs have been exchanged here. This really is true love!

vintage interior decor mid century thrift shop california pixie blog    vintage tamac cups tumbler potterycalifornia pixie blog lifestyle

california pixie vintage decor pixie figurine waste king oven    vintage kitchen mid century kitsche decor california pixie blog lifestyle

One day Jay and I walked into my favorite junk shop and saw this white mid century sofa.  A beauty, straight out of the 50s, this corner sectional was still clean and fresh.  This little lady must have been parked in a formal sitting room where, lucky for me, it didn’t get much action. I have the perfect spot for it…don’t ya think? Funny, in this house the kitchen couch get’s all the love.

atomic vintage kitchen tea cup coffee saucer restaurantware homer laughlin

I do all my cooking with the same stove top and oven they had on The Beverly Hillbillies.  I can picture a big fat new 6 burner dual range in it’s place but I can’t give up on my old mid century charmer!


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