I’m Kimi Encarnacion and I live in a little beach town in southern California. I guess you could say I’m a vintage butterfly. I go where my eye takes me and I don’t follow any rules. I fell in love with thriftshops as a teenager and have collected vintage clothing ever since. My home is filled with junk store discoveries and curbside treasures. I traded Utah for Los Angeles at age 17, I studied fashion design, I sang in a rock band called Moonpools and Caterpillars, I dabble in everything and I’m completely enamored with my family. I have a knack for making something out of nothing. For making things fit and work. Mostly cuz I mess everything up the first time I do it! I started this blog in 2012 at the age of 44 as a social experiment to see if anyone would pay attention. I’ve always been a bit of a square peg in a round hole and just love that I’ve found so many others out there that are as mad about personal style as I am! You’re never too young to grab life as hard as you can and just be who you are.

My life is a big mish mash of FAB old stuff, fun people and lots of adventure.  It’s my passion. It borders on obsession but I don’t mind, I  really am crazy about it! Glad you found me! kimi.

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  1. Kimi, Moonpools and the Catipelars rock! I was up late on Netflix and decided to watch Wish Upon a Star. I never get tired of the performance you all gave in the movie. As we get old in life and pass on, the feeling we feel from music and movies live on. I can finally sleep with a cheerful heart rather a weary one, Thank you all!

  2. omg! is this really u?! i just heard “soon” by moonpools and caterpillars and i was just wondering how are you and the band..such a veryyyyyy nice song..will never forget this song…so glad you are okay…keep up the good work..take a good care.God bless. Cheers

  3. I Love your description of yourself “I’m a vintage butterfly” I am going to use it… if you don’t mind. I call myself a Junkionista! A fashionistas but for junk and vintage! Love your blog!

    • Use it!!!! And thanks!!!! Someone wrote and told me im a packrat w taste!!! Hahaha…im actually really clean and pretty streamline…not cluttery at all. I do love my stuff, tho! Glad u found me…take care!!! K.

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  5. Kimi! I was at the Amber Lounge last night! You guys rocked!!! my adrenalin up until now is still super high! I’m so glad and blessed to have been able to watch you guys! (^_^) I soo love all your songs!!! You guys were incredible last night! (^_^)

  6. Today I found your blog and I am always thankful to see there are other people which like the same things I do. It will take days to discover your whole blog. But I can’t wait to read all posts and see all pics.

    The best thing is: now i’ll never pass a post. Keep on blogging. I’m curios about what’s coming up next.

    You definitley inspire me :)

    Greetings from far away and yet so close!

  7. hey kimi … i saw you guys on stage at a 10th st. venue in san francisco … got carried away by your amazing authentic spirit … bought your elektra album on the spot … this was back in the 90’s when i was an international business consultant … now i’m sixtysomething retired in northern california with a lot of old retired rockers. but i have “lucky dumpling” ripped into my itunes and i still love your sound. i am so glad you took the plunge into music and put your heart and soul on stage where it could radiate to people you’ve never met but carried your life affirming energy into their lives. you go, girl! — and all that. i hope your journey since then has been full of adventure and lessons about life, because, you know, life is full of lessons! bless you.

  8. Came across your SUPER fun blog, and I am so glad that I did. I Loved looking at all your photos and really enjoyed everything you wrote! Just wanted to stop by and say keep it up! You gotta good one :)

  9. Hello, I nominated you for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ because I enjoy reading your blog. Please dont feel obliged to reply or forward on the award if you dont wish too, I just wanted to let people know that I enjoy your words and pictures! Check it out here: http://misshappyspirits.com/
    LOVE + KINDNESS to you

  10. So excited for the upcoming reunion show, Travelling to LA for the first time in 12 years just to see you all perform!

    Created a Playlist of some of my most favorite tracks to share with your fans.

  11. This blog really brings me back. I’m a native Cali girl from the Salton Sea area. Indio to be exact. I’ve been living in Florida for 18 years now. I fell in love with the imagery immediately. I’m really glad I found your blog! :-)

    • By banner, do you mean the big header at the top of my page that says California Pixie with the luchador and the pixie? If that’s what you’re talking about, I did it. Hope that helps, kimi.

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  13. Hi Kimi,

    Nice blog. Was one of the guys that followed your gigs simply because my then gf (now wife) loved moonpools so much. hehehe Our wedding dance was to “Heaven”. Our kid’s nickname is Kimi even if it’s no where close to her full name. And good thing we had a girl otherwise it would have been a Gugut. hehehe Any gigs soon? Even if we’re now in Seattle, we’ll fly down to SoCal or wherever.

    • Wow!!! I love your story! Those were the funnest of days, jack! Ahhh and Heaven? How perfect! I really like hearing peoples moonpool stories. There was so much going on I never knew about. And a little Kimi?? YES!!! Hope you enjoy the Pixie. It’s my life now. Still fun…but really, how can I top the band days. THANKS for sharing! kimi.

  14. Hi Kimi!! I was/am a huge Moonpools fan from the early 90s! I saw you guys many times at the Whisky. :D I’m very much enjoying your blog! You have such mad style — i am in awe. Your fam is adorable too. I think one of the last Moonpools show you brought your baby…who is now all grown up and stuff. I still listen to your albums — my son (6) knows your voice and always requests Kimi when we’re in the car. \m/

    • Christina! Great to hear from you!!! Those were great days! YES, I did have a baby….not anymore…a teen now!! THANKS for the kind words…FAB way to start the day and LOVE hearing you are digging the blog. More to come with that fo sho!!! TAKE CARE! k.

  15. Very interesting page. More interesting than the fact that we share the same last name, which got me here from Frances’ page in the first place.

  16. We are passing along the blog love and have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award :)
    Here are the rules of acceptance:
    1.Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
    2.Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
    3.Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire.
    4.Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know you have nominated them and link back to them.

    -Chelsea & Cortnie

    • Thanks girls!!!! Are you guys lovin this sun??? We are in full summer swing in San Clemente. Rare for June, right? We are usually fog and white sky til July 4th. This is GREAT!!!!! THANKS again and happy day to ya!! k.

  17. Kimi Listening to the “5 Normals” performance from the DVD/ Whiskey a Go Go performance!!! Love Your voice, your delivery. Wanted to share this with all the fans here. This song is so beautiful and I love this rendition the most

  18. Very excited to see you have a blog!!! Love your voice. (when I sing in the car to M&C songs I sound just like you!)

  19. Kimi,

    Your blog is amazing! How did you get started? What are the keys to having a successful blog? If you wouldn’t mind, I have a post called “A thousand words…” on my site, I would love to hear your opinions and how you became a blog writer!

    Thanks for a great read!
    American Rose

  20. I can so relate to your ‘obsession’ – I’m the same – it’s such fun isn’t it? Love how you describe your life – so great to read and learn about other like-minded people! Thank you.

  21. So THIS is where you have been–I haven’t seen you in AGES!! Allise was telling my about your blog, so here I am. Adam loved the MacGyver Gun idea (you knew he would!) Request: Post your recipe for “Miss Kimi’s Spaghetti” (that’s what we call it.) The one with garlic, tomatoes and Bragg’s. I make it for Adam to take to school and he loves it, but he says I still need lessons from you!! LOL

  22. Kimi you are so kick ace
    I love your photos they’re so happy!
    I will be submitting all my taco ideas shortly :) of course.

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