Red Orange In The Summer Sky

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I’m moving my blog photos and fun to instagram. You can follow me there at honeyofcalifornia.  I’m pouring all my juice into the launch of my clothing company and instagram is where I’m gonna be. I post these same kimi style photos and some personal stuff as well as my adventures getting this biz off the ground. It’s gonna be fun!

So,for now…here’s some high noon pix Rocky took of me and a lot of red and orange mixed together. Have a GREAT day!!!  This isn’t goodbye, just a change of venue!  ;) See you on insta @honeyofcalifornia

redt beach hat white vintage round sunglasses allyn scura eyewear.jpg

kimi encarnacion california pixie blog vintage fashion style decor blogger.jpg


How about those vintage white round sunglasses from Allyn Scura Eyewear? I made the skirt out of an old house dress. Like a Mac Guiver of needle and thread, I just cut it out, even saved the big front zipper. Some of the coolest old fabrics I find are on these vintage house dresses.  Crazy print gold.

6 thoughts on “Red Orange In The Summer Sky

  1. Ooh, so you are not going to post here anymore? :( I don’t have/use instagram. But good luck with your projetcs. You seem a great person, fun and happy, that’s why I like your blog so much. I wish I had discovered it sooner :)

    • Ahh….sweet!!! I have had fun on the pixie but it isn’t growing and bringing in the opportunities I had hoped for. It takes a bit of time and thought and right now I am wanting to put all of that into my biz. Pretty excited!!!! Well…if u ever jump on insta…find me there. Thanks for your note!

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