Bowl Shucks

amish butter rpint pyrex vintage bowl kimi encarnacion california pixie vintage lifestyle style fashion decor blogger blog

I call this post Bowl Shucks but only because My Perfect Everyday 50s Homemaker Life was taken! Enjoy the color fest and drool over these beautiful bowls.  Don’t skip over the salad book.  What a fab piece of cover work on that thing.

vintage 1950s cookbooks amish butter print pyrex

amish butterprint pyrex bowl

pink cake decorating cowboy theme birthday ranch party vintage 1950s

I’d eat any cake decorated like this pink one with the white daisies. Happiest cake on earth.

california pixie kimi encarnacion amish pyrex bowl red checked gingham dress vintage

My mom gave me these 1960s Amish butter print bowls by pyrex for my birthday a few years back.  I had asked her for the ones she got in 1967 for her wedding but alas…they had been donated to the kitchen at the church sometime in the late 80s when they were simply called old instead of beautifully vintage.  And that red gingham tablecloth dress? Ya, it’s vintage (not old :). The stack of cool old cookbooks have the BEST pictures!!  I love my old cake book! I have one book full of recipes for foods that can be mixed with gelatin and tossed into a jello mold.  It’s happy and scary all at once!  Lastly, loving my 35mm lense.  So warm with just the right amount of background fuzz.

13 thoughts on “Bowl Shucks

  1. I have a smaller version of the same bowl, and also a white with blue design one, minus the handles…they are going for big bucks at antique and collectible stores now, so I always scour the second hand stores to see if I can find any. At a church sale a few weeks ago, I found a chip and dip set, kind of square shaped, plain, no design, but the same gorgeous blue….love them all

  2. Love it Kimi! My grandma had the blue butterprint, and my mom was so happy when she found the large bowl! She used it for a year or so then gave it to me! I’m only missing the smallest size, but will find it eventually. Did you know they also have pink and yellow in this pattern? So cool to have your mom’s bowls!

  3. Yes, for all that’s vintage and colorful, you have found the scheme!!! I love old bowls, too, and have replaced my mom’s Pyrex set except for the red one. I continue my search!!!

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