Perfect Floppy Hat

1970 ford bronco black twig jeans urban outfitters red clog sandgrens sandals fanny pack floppy hat fashion style blog california pixie.jpg

I get a hat I love and I wear that thing into the ground. This one’s well travelled and even saved me from Coachella’s sun a couple years ago. It’s high noon and me and my twin (Rocky) are out on a camera walk.  I think I told you I’m finally learning how to use the manual settings on my camera and I’ve nominated him as my photography pal.

perfect felt floppy boho hat vintage sunglasses coldplay tshirt    DSC_0289

coldplay concert tshirt kimi encarnacion california pixie fanny pack ford bronco airstream


kimi encarnacion california pixie vintage style fashion decor blogger

Wearing my brand new black twig jeans from Urban Outfitters (on sale right now), vintage sunglasses, Sandgren’s clog sandals.  Wish I could tell you where to find the hat, it’s been around for a while.

7 thoughts on “Perfect Floppy Hat

  1. Ive spent the night reading through some of your posts and they are so refreshing to read and the photos spark thoughts of happiness. Always a smile and lots of colour. I will definitely be returning for future posts! Loving the fanny pack (bum bag in scotland) I wish I was brave enough to wear one!

  2. Looove the last picture- it sums up your post completely! Rocky’s got a good eye- just like his mama! Hope you guys are having a fun summer so far. :)

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