Tips For Buying Vintage Clothing Online


I love it when that door bell rings and I hear the postman drop the package on the door step. What’s that dog?  The one that drools when it hears the dinner bell? I totally get that!! But here’s the deal, when shopping vintage clothing online, especially the person to person marketplace like Ebay and Etsy, you have to take a few extra “measures” to make sure you’ll be getting all happy over the right thing. With vintage clothing you get what ya get since buying direct like that usually means no give backs!

Here are some tips:

  • Scan the pictures provided online. Then scan over them again, up close.  And again.
  • Read all the info.  Ask questions.  Ask for more pix.  Ask for additional measurements. Be specific.
  • Find something of yours that fits great. Measure it. Across the shoulders, pit to pit, waist, hip and length. This is gold! Use those numbers as a buying guide. Compare those measurements to the item you’re checking out online.
  • If it all pans out, buy that baby and hope for the best!

People ask me quite often how I can buy vintage clothing online. With these tips, now ya know!

kimi encarnacion california pixie vintage dress  clothing blog ebay mail plaid

united states post office packages    kimi encarnacion california pixie blog blogger style vintage living dress mad men 60s plaid allyn scura eyewear

Here’s gambling and Christmas all wrapped up in a fabulous 60s plaid package! I’m over the moon with this dress!!!

kimi encarnacion california pixie blog vintage lifestyle best vintage clothing 60s mad men dresses dress plaid metal lawn chairs


11 thoughts on “Tips For Buying Vintage Clothing Online

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  2. The tips you have shared is really useful and I have never tried this way for the clothes shopping . But I will surely remember your tips and buy the best vintage clothing for me. By this means of shopping I will definitely save money and also I will the best collection of clothing.

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  5. Great tips, Kimi! I’ve always been super-hesitant to buy vintage online- the sizes can be so crazy. Wouldn’t you love to know the life of that dress?! And, your garden chairs are fab!

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