Golden From The Start

moonpools and caterpillars kimi looking up facebook kimi encarnacion guguta salgado jay tim depala

I’m taking a personal day! Sometimes people come into your life early on that are so golden they stay there for your whole life!  I met these guys when I was 18.  It truly was love at first sight.  We started a band together that became successful in the mid 90s.  We stayed close over the years and now are getting to play together again.  It’s a rainy sunday morning and one of them just left for the airport to head back home to San Francisco.  We spent all weekend practicing our old songs.  Polishing them up for 3 shows we’re doing in the Philippines this spring. I’m grateful and blue all at once. The house seems a bit empty without the booming bass and drums vibrating through the walls from the studio. I married one of these guys 22 years ago and the other two are in my life like brothers. I’m a lucky girl!  Pass the kleenex…

Take a look around and see who’s put up with you for years.  Those people are a treasure!

moonpools and  caterpillars red table bamboo kimi encarnacion tim depala gugut salgado jay

And some oldies circa 1995 and before.  Man, we were young!

NYC old moonpools photo 1995

odyssey 1995 moonpools and caterpillars

old moonpools pic


moonpools and caterpillars 2014 tim de pala kimi encarnacion jay gugut salgado

Read my interview in the Manila Inquirer HERE.


21 thoughts on “Golden From The Start

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  2. hi kimi. i hope you still remember me. i am noli’s (tim’s brother) officemate whom you met before your apr 11 gig at amber lounge. i am so glad my hubby discovered your blog a few days ago. i must say it is to me like peter pan’s happy thought. you are just so inspiring and passionate about life. thanks for sharing your life, keep your posts coming…:-)

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  4. this entry brings me back to the time when i first listened back to moonpools and caterpillars. i will always be a fan of your band. if i only i have the chance to go home to the philippines to watch your concert, but got some work in other countries.

    i would love to take photos of the your group. it’s on my bucket list. and since you are in a reminiscing mode, i dig my blog entries and found this blog i made 7 years ago :-)

    hope you can read it – how i discovered moonpools and shared your music to my friends :-)

    good luck and all the best to your homecoming concert and future music projects.

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    • renee. I have been blessed with some good ones! I have a whole group that I met at the same time along with my bandmates. We all still hang together. a friend shared a mother theres a quote that the problem with our society is that most of us draw the circle of our families too small. Being alone in los angeles at the age of 18 didn’t allow for a small circle. I lucked out! Have a great day!!!

  6. You are so adorable! Can you send me that photo of you four in front of what appears to be bamboo? I love the poses…
    One of these days, would love to hook up with you in CA. I’m probably coming out sometime this month.
    (In case you forgot who I am, I’m the one you did “the story” with, an event I shall never forget!
    I can’t find your regular email address so writing here.

    • The Dad died, the dog died, of course I remember you!!!! Even my own mother didn’t like me!! HAHAHHA!!! Oh the humor that can be found in the most heartbreaking thoughts if you have the right person with ya! Leslie. I’d love to see you!!!! I’ll send you my info. Love you, have a great day! k.

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