Lunchtime Rockshow Vintage Asian Inspired Dress

vintage dress 1040s asian inspired japanese wooden figurine doll california pixie blog

I’ve tucked away vintage clothing finds for years.  I pulled this vintage 1940s asian inspired dress out of the pile to wear for the Lunchtime Rockshow fundraiser I helped with in january. I love lots of color, especially up on stage.  I almost passed on this brown beauty thinking it a bit drab.  Paired with bright red tights I had a perfect show dress.  It survived the whirl of my crazy arms! Enjoy the pix!

moonpools and caterpillars kimi encarnacion jay jay tim de pala gugut salgado 2014 los angeles rock

(photo credit:  Marc Loren)

vintage dress 1040s asian inspired japanese wooden figurine doll california pixie blog    DSC_0353

kimi encarnacion moonpools and caterpillars-002    kimi encarnacion moonpools and caterpillars-001

(photo credit: Marc Loren)

DSC_0373    vintage wooden japanese girl figurine japan california pixie blog

kimi encarnacion moonpools and caterpillars

(photo credit: Marc Loren)

In case you were curious about the show we did, Moonpools and Caterpillars put on the Lunchtime Rockshow in January 2014 at the Whiskey in Hollywood to raise funds for typhoon relief in the Philippines.  We raised over $21,000 through show tickets and tshirt sales that went out all over the world.  The outpouring of giving blew us away! People are so generous! In some of the worst hit areas of the Philippines, almost EVERY roof was blown off by the up to 200 mile an hour winds.  Funds are still needed, especially to provide roofs.  No amount is too small, but do be mindful of where you donate.  Not all charities are created equal. We chose LDS Humanitarian Aid as 100% of all donations go directly to the cause.

lunchtime rockshow poster

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    • Ha…the color inspiration is bsck, huh? Thanks for your note a few months ago. I was on to other hings there for a minute. Fun to be back on it! Funny…my readership doubled while I was out! Absense makes the heart….

      Thanks blissy!
      Take car up there in beautiful park city!


  5. Cute dress- love the brown and red combo! Looks like a fun show- the Whiskey is a blast. And how awesome to raise so much to help the people in the Philippines! :)

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