Dress in a jiffy vintage pattern Simplicity

kimi encarnacion california pixie sewing vintage dress pattern felt hat

My 92 year old grandma has been cleaning out her closets.  I totally scored!  She gave me her collection of vintage patterns.  She’s sewn up each and every one of them.  I would love to have the clothing but it’s long gone.  The patterns are a time trip from the 40s thru 70s.  I whipped this dress up in a jiffy, just like it says on the pattern!  Simplicity 7617 was good to me.  Of course, I took it in til it fit me perfectly.  If I had a rainbow of these dresses, I’d wear one everyday!

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vintage pattern simplicity 7617 jiffy patterns

kimi encarnacion california pixie vintage life style blog sewing patterns

I made this dress using a vintage Simplicity jiffy pattern 7617.  The fabric is a cotton with a bit of poly that has a stretch linen look.  I picked up a whole roll of this fabric from a fave place downtown Los Angeles.  I believe everyone should own a sewing machine.  If you do, dust it off and make something!  AND if you do, send me a pic!  Happy day!  kimi.

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26 thoughts on “Dress in a jiffy vintage pattern Simplicity

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    • Hi janet. Ha…ya. i went missing for a bit. Was up to a few other things. Been doing music again and starting a clothing company. I hadnt picked up my camera for a while!! Been fun to hear from a bunch of u this week!! And ya…england. you need the color right now!!! I will provide!! :)) thanks!! Komi.

  4. I’ve sewn on those vintage patterns before. You can tell that construction has come a long way since then. At least in the instruction part of the pattern. It’s a good thing I was knowledgeable. :) It’s fun stuff though.

  5. So cute, Kimi! It’s perfect on you. :) love old patterns- it’s so fun to see all the styles (and drawings of girls from different times!). What a great score!

  6. Beautiful!! I can’t get over the prices on them, but also just how they take you back to a certain time. I still have a ton of patterns from when I first started sewing 50 years ago. Love how the dress turned out.

  7. Pixie- what a treasure trove!!!! I remember my mom’s and grandma’s patterns and my girlfriend just sewed some vintage dresses for a 4-H display of sewing through the years. What a fun post and your pictures are so bright and color-cordinated with your theme. Glad to see you back! – Renee

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