Rage on with heirloom seeds

baker creek heirloom seeds california pixie

I have this little thing about growing what I eat.  This year I ordered heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  I was with a bunch up friends in San Francisco over Labor Day and when we landed in downtown Petaluma for icecream someone pointed out the seed bank.  It’s a big old gorgeous building where Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds are stored and sold.  I didn’t know what an heirloom seed was.  I do now. Look at the packaging…a sweet bonus!  I don’t want to rip ‘em open..beautiful!  LOVE the black and the 50s style fonts.  FAB!!  Go plant a little garden this spring.

california pixie kimi encarnacion heirloom seeds baker creek gardening vegetable

DSC_0295    GMO free USA california pixie baker creek gardening blog

grow your own greens parsley heirlooms seeds baker creek

california pixie kimi encarnacion gardening heirloom seeds organic blog

Why heirloom seeds?  Click HERE for a link to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds or do your own internet search.

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15 thoughts on “Rage on with heirloom seeds

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  2. I love Baker Creek seeds. It’s too bad that I can’t just waltz into that old building and take a gander. Well, I’d come out of there with a chariot full of color-strewn seed packets–more than just having a quick peek!

    But their online catalog is great, and their shipping to international locations (I’m in Bermuda) is very reasonable.

    (And no, I don’t work for them!)

    • Ha..I had heard but didn’t know what the big deal was. they are the seeds of the past…handed down and down. New seeds are created to withstand all kinds of things that might kill off a field. The sacrifice is nutrition and taste. That’s why grocery store food doesn’t taste anything like it’s garden fresh counterpart. AND…I can collect the seeds for the next year and soon the seeds with be adapted to my specific environment. haa…if that doesn’t float your boat…enjoy the gorgeous packaging. :)) Thanks!!! k.

  3. Hey Kimi! Happy to see you posting. :) Heirloom is the best! We order from an heirloom company online…it’s so nice to be connected to past generations- these varieties have been around forever! And to know you are eating real, healthy fruits and veggies (not tweaked frankenfood!) that you’ve nurtured is such a great feeling. I’m hunting down a few trash cans to finally start up my compost. ;) Ha- I may be emailing with questions! How’s the fabric biz going?!

    • Beebee…hi!!! I was hoping to hear from some of my OPs. (original peeps) yes…ask me wuestions. Compost is tricky. I have some batches totally flop if i dont be patient and layer it right. Too wet is the biggest prob. And yes!! Clohing co is coming along. Lately ive been doing moonpools. We raised over 50k since july…so…ive had music on the brain. I am dedicated to getting ca pixie back to speed. Great to see you here!!! Hooe all is weelllenjoy your eveing! Love, k.

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