All Filled Up

green sofa starburst clock nelson tiki lamp retro vintage decor blog california pixie

The house is quiet today…well, except for Foxygen and The Clash playing in the background.  This room was filled with a collection of my most favorite people on the planet one Sunday morning this summer.  It was the morning after the concert and it was perfect. I got thinking how life sits empty until you do something with it.  Until you fill it up.  Then, you have to keep it up.  It’s pretty simple if you look at it that way.  Hope you’re all having a great day!  Gonna leave ya with one of my favorite new songs for this introspective sorta day!  :)




50s hawaianna lamp vintage table tiki decor vintage california pixie

10 thoughts on “All Filled Up

    • Hi Renee!!! Ha! Ya..I just stopped posting. Don’t know why, just stopped and haven’t missed it. Been up to a ton. When I do get the camera back out ill have lots to show and share. I’m starting a clothing company , too. Life is good!! Great to hear from you!!!!


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