Moonpools and Caterpillars Are Back

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I was a Moonpool before I became a Pixie!  Some of you know about my 90s glory band Moonpools and Caterpillars.  I was lucky enough to make a bit of a living doing something I absolutely loved with some of the people I adore most in this world! lucky so much that we called our Elektra records debut Lucky Dumpling.  After so many years we are back doing a SOLD OUT reunion benefit concert in Los Angeles this weekend.  The buzz has been FAB and the excitement is tops!!   Click HERE to read a fresh interview article about Moonpools and Caterpillars. Fun stuff!  So happy to be apart of it!!

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All photo credits belong to Vanessa Mougenot.

32 thoughts on “Moonpools and Caterpillars Are Back

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  2. Hey Kimi! Been thinkin’ about you, and just wanted to check in. :) I’m sure you’re busy with designing clothes, making new music, and fun stuff like life! Hope all is well. xoxo

    • Hi bee!!! I am!!! I’m starting a clothing company and haven’t picked up my camera in 2 months. I haven’t givwn up on the pixie but haven’t had much drive to add to it. Maybe this week. We shall see!!! Hope you and co are doing great!! Thanks for checking in!!!! Happy fall! I know its here cuz there’s halloween candy in the store. ;)) Kimi.

      • I figured…so excited for you!!! Can’t wait to see whatcha got- I know it will be funky and cute. :) If you find yourself northbound on the 101, let me know! ;) xoxo

  3. Back to swim lessons, bike rides, piano lessons, beach days, backyard forts, and all the fun summer with boys brings … But for one day, Kristy and I were 22 again … AMAZING!!! (Thank you!) — Shelley Regester
    (My shy Cody hasn’t stopped buzzing about his first concert experience! “Mom, that was way cooler than my ‘Under the Sea’ concert in Kindergarten!”)

    AND Thank you for incorporating so much of EHA into the event! … As a physical therapist working with traumatic brain injuries and amputations, the work of EHA is so inspiring!! M&C – What an example to “Be the Change …”

    • Ha….Shelly! I didn’t know you were bumblebee!!! GREAT!! 22!!! Sounds sooo good!
      What a day that was!!! We had a houseful of people all day sunday. It was such a big full weekend. So glad you got to be part of it!!!! FUN TIMES!! THANKS!!!! You totally “got it”! The benefit and all. kimi.

    • For sure!! We will be setting up an online shop! We printed 100 up for the event and sold every last one at the show! Ha! Can’t even believe it. We will be making more. Great suggestion!!! kimi.

  4. I Even Remember Chantting “Coke Coke Coke ” Then U Guys Played The Song FroM The Commercial…Now Thats Old School .

  5. Omgosh .. We Worked At DisneyLand ..And Signed AutographS For You Guys.. I Still Listen To Lucky Dumpling All The Time. HeckI Remember Few Concerts In LA. So Glad U Guys Are Back …. Cant wait To Hear Some New Music ….Come Yo DalLas ..You GoT A Place To Stay …. Seriously .. Jay J …..Aka Goofy

  6. I’m soooo sad I will be missing Saturday’s show! We will be on our summer holiday. We saw you guys many times at the Whisky, and reading the article brought back memories of your shows. What a great cause you are playing for! I love your blog — you are awesome, Kimi! I hope to catch another show if it happens (fingers crossed)!!! ;)

    • HI! Chritstina, I’m sure we met back in the day! I knew all the faces but not many names!! I’m happy to hear you have great memories of those days. They were fun! Never been anything quite like em since. Something about the freedom of being young and not very settled to the point that you would go see the same band every month. haha…we were talking about that last night. How we all did that. The LA scene was so fun!! Not sure about future shows. There are def some ideas brewing. I’m still just baffled that this one sold out and with that pricey donation ticket! We are speechless! THANKS!!!! kimi.

  7. So looking forward to the concert! We got our tickets the night they went on sale to make sure we didn’t miss out :P), We are about to embark on our own boy journey since I am pregnant and due in five weeks! I hope there is A/C Saturday! LOL

  8. I appreciate your blog for your “positivity”. (Is that a word?? It is now!) I love that you were able to take an unexpected situation with your record label and subsequent break up of M&C, and eventually look back with no regrets at the opportunity to dive into a new adventure: raising boys!! (An adventure I am currently on!)
    — Well Done Pixie!

    • Ahhh…big thanks!! So glad you can relate!! It wasn’t easy at first, sometime during and occasionally somewhere inbetween all that! :)) Nothing great is easy, right?? I discovered early on I am not a multi tasker. I can do it but it’s not my specialty. somethings usually suffers and I wasn’t about to let it be two mini humans! Me and my husband flew to some remote island in the philippines and it was there I wrote my last pathetic letter to myself, burned it and tossed the ashes into the South China Sea. Done! I arrived home to 2 little boys and never looked back! Thanks for “getting it” and even more for sharing it with me! kimi.

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