Smiles and Greens

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Pure eye candy today! Maybe that explains the big smiles! I got a new map.  HAWAII.  It’s actually super old and I’ve stored it for a while but it’s up!  A baseball card I can’t seem to part with and some other fun things.  Enjoy this color spectacular!

chicago hawaiians vintage baseball card bruce eazley catcher california pixie blog-001 - Copy    vintage map hawaii school maps classroom territory

vintage ceramic owl    succulent planting vintage ceramic pots barkcloth caravan pattern 50s decor california pixie

california pixie vintage tin cannisters birds floral flowers decor blog - Copy    vintage label maker office supplie california pixie

oklahoma tamac frosty pine vintage collectable pottery dishes plates plate california pixie

It ends with a pic of my new love…Vintage Tamac pottery in Frosty Pine.

13 thoughts on “Smiles and Greens

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  3. That baseball card needs to team up with squirrel accordion guys down the street…cool artist lady would like to see that, huh? Glad to see a post. PS watered Maisy’s succulents yesterday! They are still alive! Love you.

    • Ha…ya!!! Isnt’ taht a coolie?? I just drenched all of mine last week. They were sooooo dry. I think they need a spray weekly or maybe every other. Jade lasts forever….you can neglect and it will still come back for me….poor thing!

  4. o.k. that pottery is great. but that table underneath!!!!! it totally reminds me of the patio table my parents had when i was a kid. the little rectangle tiles are exactly the same shape except ours were yellow. it was accented with some other gray sparkly design which i can’t remember!!! but i do remember them sending me outside to clean it. . .i love yours!!! i’d love to see a picture of the whole thing!

    • Little mosaic tables must have been the big rage somewhere in the 60s? Early 70s? This one was in my house when I bought it. I actually scored a bunch of mid century furniture in that lucky purchase. Great idea…I’ll show more of that table.Glad to bring back some fun memories!

      Thanks!!! kimi.

    • WOW…..Where have you been? I know you’ve been writing….YAY! I have been up to so much the pixie gets updated with more days inbetween but all is great!!! My old band is doing a reunion show in a couple weeks, lots of summer visitors and just good times. All fun…and YOU??? k.

      • Band? We have a lot in common! No, I’ve not been writing as much since I blew my knee out and went on bedrest which put me in some temporary doldrums… finished teaching my ENG class online and read… now I’m–in Pixie fashion– purging the house as a way back to some kind of cerebral order that will bring me back to writing! And, my music partner egged me on to get out and do some gigs… we do rock/folk-rock/Americana… harmony… and you?

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