Ethiopia is everywhere

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Ever noticed how you can not hear a word your whole life and then once you do, you hear it over and over?  That’s how I feel about Ethiopia. It’s all around me right now and I’m loving it!  I remember hearing about the Ethiopian famine in the early 80s.  Sorry to say, aside from a few  jokes making their way around the junior high, I didn’t even know much about that.  Since I’ve read a bit about it I can’t believe it was anything to laugh at. I shared a deeelish vegetarian meal with good friends at an Ethiopian place in Berkeley a few years ago but still didn’t give it another thought.  Well, now it’s become that word.  The one that’s on heavy rotation in my world.

I started reading Dr. Gudata Hinika’s book Healer’s Light and I’m fascinated.  To know that some doctors are so passionate about what they do is a treat to see and Dr. Hinika sit’s in the front row of that group.  I’m working on the tshirt design for the Moonpools and Caterpillars reunion show in July.  All proceeds are going to Dr. Hinika’s dream organization, Ethiopia Health Aid.  It’s a group of medical volunteers that perform reconstructive surgeries on people that have had accidents or were born with disfigurements.  The group has also started a school in one of the villages. As I sketched out the logo idea, I thought about how I’ve become a bit of a magnet for all things Ethiopia. I’ve become passionate about people I don’t know in a place I’ve never seen.  I’m lucky to be going with them this fall. I can’t wait for the adventure. They’re so excited to be bringing 4 ambulances with them this time. They’re calling it a miracle, actually. A dream come true! I can’t wait to experience that joy when these gifts are unveiled and the possibility of being rescued from a traffic accident or maybe a fire become a reality for some of these people.  I hear they are humble, happy and full of life!

gudata hinika dr. healer's light ethiopia mediacl mission ethiopia health aid kimi encarnacion california pixie    moonpools and caterpillars reunion show

vintage fisher price view master globe africa sudan ethiopia    ethiopia adoption kimi encarnacion california pixie

Then there is this cute little chunk of Ethiopian love.  It was hard for me not to bite her!  My friends adopted her this year from an Ethiopian orphange.  She was found in a rubbish pile.  When nobody claimed her as their own, she was turned over to an orphanage.  She looks a little uneasy in the pic, probably cuz I kept talking about biting her.  She’s like candy!  I couldn’t get enough…she is soooo cute!!!  Look at that face and those little hands!  She actually laughed at me and we danced like crazy. She is happy and totally loved by her new parents, a couple of the coolest people I know!

vintage school globe

Ethiopia is just one place on the map.  I wonder what will be next…

To learn more about Dr. Hinika and Ethiopia Health Aid click HERE.  To find out about the Moonpools concert, click HERE.

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21 thoughts on “Ethiopia is everywhere

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    • Oh THANKS!!!! This has been so fun for me so I’m glad peeps are digging it!! Have a great day!!! AND thanks for all your comments, you spent some time on the pixie….hope you came away with some ideas!! kimi.

  3. This is how I feel about Bosnia and Herzegovina. They had a genocide in the ’90s then everyone forgot about the poor country. They still have children dying on a daily basis from land mines put in 15 to 20 years ago. Their people are still too concerned about offending another ethnic group and revitalizing the tensions to write a constitution that actually allows them to properly function as a country.

  4. HA HA HA!!!! Getting fired for it is a STELLAR compliment, Shy!!!! Hahaha…..YES. Tshirts will DEF be available to everyone that wants one. That money, as well, will go to EHA so the giving just keeps giving for all. Ya baby!!! kimi.

  5. so very proud of you kimi and m&cs!!!!

    please if possible make your t-shirt available to purchase for anyone who can’t make it to your show. i sure wish i could. in fact i was hoping on my current job i would get fired so that i could go but alas no such luck!!!!

    be well.


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