Orange Glow


I like orange in small but strong doses.  It all started with circus peanuts.  Do you know what those are?  My pops would bring them home as a treat.  They’re marshmallow-ish peanut shaped yuck that I scarfed up as a kid.  Anyway.    I love seeing how people mix stuff with color and make it all work.  Here’s a little orange glow walk through my place.  Happy summer!

sconecutter let's go get sconed tshirt vintage flip    gumby pocky

DSC_0193    orange octogonal vintage sunglasses blue lenses lense allyn scura eyewear

blue lense vintage orange tortoise sunglasses octogan octoganol frames    decorating with orange color california pixie design decor vintage lifestyle blog

straw flowers vintage green vase orange green    DSC_0216

vintage 70s afghan crochet


10 thoughts on “Orange Glow

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    • Haaaa…..You’re back…or maybe not but you’re back here. someone I met has an idea for a project and I thought of you. To interview chronic travellers like yourself and find out what it is that makes them A want to travel and then B can’t wait to get home…repeat. What is that IT. Her goal is to explore how you can create that feeling no matter where you are on earth or in life. Interesting, ya?? I thought instantly of you!!!!! Thanks for the sweet words as ususal….have a great day!! kimi.

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