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vintage fisher price school house desk chairs 60s 70s toys

I dreamed there was a room in my house with all my old toys in it. I actually woke up thinking there was a room in this house I hadn’t noticed yet. It was so real! I logged hours galore with this Fisher Price schoolhouse as a kid. It definitely helped raise me! I was ever fascinated by how curvy the school teacher is.  Trim yet voluptuous, beautiful, bright and completely in charge without ever saying a word! TOTAL woman!

vintage fisher price school teacher     vintage fisher price school house

DSC_0266     DSC_0239

DSC_0270     vintage fisher price school but figures teacher toys from the 70s 1970s

fisher price vintage

fisher price school house toy toys red head black kid figures collectibles    fisher price toys fiugres school yard toy

vintage fisher price school bus and figures

Anyone remember the Fisher Price barn? I always wanted the airport…LOVE the little round suitcases.  :)

24 thoughts on “Old School

  1. YES! i’m 40 and have hung onto the FP barn and house that my brother and i played with as kids. we also had the airport, with those brilliant suitcases. nieces and nephews have loved playing with them over the years, and, happily, we now have our own bun on the way, so the FP joy will live on and on! seeing those FP people and dogs just makes me happy!!

  2. I had so many of these when I was little… Most of the kids, the bus, the playground… I didn’t have the teacher or school house though. But I loved them so so much. Hours of my childhood.

  3. Wow Kimi, is that the actual one you had as a kid? You must of played with cotton gloves on your hands. Any of my old toys look pretty much like trash except my Mattel electronic football game…

  4. My parents still have the schoolhouse. They also have the town and the merry-go-round and Ferris wheel!! Best. Toys. Ever!!!

  5. I loved, loved, loved my Fisher-Price toys. I had a litle A-frame house. It was so completely awesome. I’m surprised I don’t live in an A-frame. I always wanted one.

  6. I still have that very school house, with 2 buses, some of the playground equipment has seen better days…however it still makes me smile, they were innocent child toys and brought many fun days of play.

    • Jessica. I don’t know but let’s find out! I’ve had it a few times. I wake up and really think it’s there. You know how most dreams fade, well I can still see the room vividly after years! Wild! k.

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves their toys of the past. I even went out and bought a doll I used to own and gave away to my cousins as a kid!!! These things give me great pleasure and enjoyment. I see they do to you too!!!

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