Red Fever

shadow box spraypainted chotchky display gumby pokey vintage nick nack collection rocky thor santa claus pez patrick

Huge sucker for reds! I guess this is a grouping of favorites.  Favorites don’t have to have a reason. Like is good enough, don’t ya think?

DSC_0184    vintage owl figurine 60s 70s decor

vintage wooden japanese girl figure wood    pray for surf-001

california pixie kimi encarnacion octogon vintage sunglasses blue lenses

27 thoughts on “Red Fever

      • Simply charming! That is why I was attracted to your blog when I first saw it. I love it when you share your collections! I’m retired, and my 960-square-foot home will never change when it comes to expansion. Maybe that’s a blessing because it keeps my collecting habits in check. But I will never turn down Roseville, pottery because of that glaze. I am on the prowl for Gumby and Pokie replacements, so I am encouraged by what I see on your post!

    • Really?? I don’t know anything about feng shui and color. I did recently learn that my almost always crazy workroom sits in the wealth area of the house….oooops! Life is good but imagine what could happen if I’d keep my projects from taking over back there! I apologized to my Jay for having to work so hard to make up for my madness. :)) k.

      • Lol. That could be perfect, though, if you want to make money from your art. You can use a feng shui bagua to organize just that room. It might bring a whole new energy flow in to your work (or, at least, give you an organized space)!

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