Mid century for sale

mic century kitchen decor vintage pottery dishes red wing lexington rose retro style blog california pixie chrome dinette

Many of you know I’ve been going through this de-cluttering feng shui thing. It was a weekend task but has gone on and on (too long) and has effected every aspect of my life in a fantastic way.  And…I don’t use the word fantastic lightly. I’ve unloaded 3 truckloads of goodies but I saved this stuff for Ebay.  When I see em up on this post, I’m tempted to keep it all, but….not gonna do it! Enjoy this brief but colorful tour of American mid century history and one girl’s obsession! Don’t feel sad for me, I had loads of odds and ends. Partial collections of this and that. I kept plenty and I’m replacing some of this with super cool atomic stuff.  I will def give you a peek.  Probably more than a peek!


DSC_0575    DSC_0555

vintage pink swirl fire king plates dishes mosaic coffee table california pixie

DSC_0471    vintage mid century dishes chine red wing lexington rose pottery dinner plates

DSC_0551    DSC_0485

vintage ruby red anchor hocking tumblers glasses honeycomb mid century

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22 thoughts on “Mid century for sale

  1. Hey Kimi! Thanks so much for checkin’ up on me! Sent you an email… :)
    Love the pink plates (esp. the small ones). And, we have the same yellow table, just the smaller size. Ha- why am I not surprised? ;)
    Yay for down-sizing and keeping the cream of the crop!

    • Ha….so glad to hear you’re well! I was a bit worried. I always think it’s great to be too busy for blogs and internet and such. it’s real livin!!! Take care and really, great to hear from you! kimi.

  2. What a wonderful collection. I recently cleared my home of most of my vintage treasures and although it was hard sying goodbye I feel better not worrying about storing it all. My theory is that these things can be with us for a short time to enjoy before being passed to a new home to love it some more. xxx

  3. It just won’t be the same eating at your house! Not that we ever ate on the pink set, but the other sets…and those glass pink plates. But, I am proud of you and can’t wait to see what you’ll replace it with…atomic? I don’t know what that is. Can hardly wait!!

    • You know what? Those plates and the cool pink glass aren’t dishwasher happy. They are getting ruined and faded so i thought I’d better pass em on before they are candidates for the garbage. AND….don’t worry…I have loads of pink coming! You will love! Atomic is the wacky 50s space-age inspired stuff that I love so much. I think you’re gonna be just fine! hahah…and funny thing. I’ve learned that nobody here but me like eating and drinking from red plates and glasses. Can you believe?? All these years nobdy said anything?? They were letting me be the queen, I guess. Yay for me! love you. kimi.

  4. What a gorgeous framing and collection of pics of our collection. Love how you bring things together. I have been seeing a lotf postslike yours on purging and organzing since beginning of year… Which have inspired me to do the same… At least in my closet! Keep on! Enjoyable as ever Kimi!

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