Potty pizazz

bathroom bamboo shelf gnome vintage succulent planter retro decor thriftshop galore

This bathroom was ready for a little refresher!  It had red walls and was kinda dark.  That was super fine for about 14 years but times they are a changin! The mushroom chalk drawing takes all the credit for the inspiration!

retro bathroom decor redo painted floor DIY vintage style blog dragon green walls    inspiration mushroom chalk drawing on black paper

plant in vintage planter pot california pixie decor    vintage floral cannon towel rtro bathroom

gnome with broom cleaning working sweeping california pixie    gnome succulents bathroom decor style blog  - Copy

how to paint a linoleum wood floor speckle chinese dragon bathroom decor ideas DIY    mini deer figurine in vintage planter succulents california pixie

I got the walls painted but the floor seemed sorta blah to me.  All I did was add some speckling with white paint.  That’s why the paper is up on the walls, so I wouldn’t flip paint all over everything. The dots make all the difference…perky!

When we moved into this house, it had the original linoleum floors displayed fondly in their faded yellow glory. I chose to paint rather than replace. Every few years I change the floor design. I use regular acrylic house paint for the base, usually acrylic craft paint for the design then top it off with 2-3 coats of clear.  I used to use polyurethane but they don’t sell that in California anymore, so water base it is.  Not near as durable and shiny but it does the job.

DSC_0144    bathroom redo retro style vintage blog  - Copy


17 thoughts on “Potty pizazz

  1. WHAT??? – That floor is genius!! been saving my pennies to replace the yucky linoleum, but what the heck … I’ll paint!!!

  2. Hey Kimi, nice floor and I love your blog; and that mushroom drawing…! that`s just rocking great! It made my week to see it again, what a nice surprise. Sandy

    • Hey Sambo! Can’t wait for ya to visit again. I have decluttered the helly out of this place! Man…I just had too much stuff! That’s the good thing about moving as much as you have…you go through it all more often, right? LOVE YOU!!!!! kimi.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Too funny how Mr. gnome is “blushing” as he guards the TP. lol. I would love to see a warm “glow” in this bathroom like in the rest of your house. The light above (which we have also in our bathroom but maybe worse) perhaps is one of those energy saver long bulbs? How about a cute little gnome lamp somewhere? Just curious how’d it look. Love the floor!

    • Thanks janine! That is a skylight and we have full sun today. Int eh pic it probably does look like a big fluorescent box! Funny! It used to have a window but we added on to the house. It was pitch dark back there for a while. Glad you love it! Have a great day! Oh and I would LOVE a gnome lamp…anywhere! kimi.

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