Vintage Junkie

vintage junk sign write it in jewlry written art

Ashes to ashes , funk to funky , does a love of old junk make you a junkie?
(Go on , sing it in your best Bowie!)

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vintage sign written in costume jewelry

vintage enamel ware pin enameled flower pin yellow green    vintage costume jewelry collection 1950s

The friend who got me on the de-cluttering kick brought all this over. It belonged to her fancy grandma and she’d held onto it for years just because she felt she had to.  At first I laughed that her of all people would bring me more junk…but I love the stuff.  I won’t keep it all, I’ll admire the shapes and colors for a while, hold onto a few pieces (the gems in these last 2 pix) then pass the rest of it on.  If there’s anything in there you absolutely dig, let me know, I might just send it your way and spread that Grandma love! For serious! k.

7 thoughts on “Vintage Junkie

  1. Beautiful, beautiful! It reminds me of a Christmas decoration my grandmother had. It was a Christmas tree made of funky old jewelry like this on a light blue velvet background, with an ornate frame. Every here and there, there was a colored light and you could prop it and plug it in. I spent HOURS gazing at the detail of all of the fancy pieces of jewelry that made up the tree. Thanks for the memory. You’ve inspired me to possibly recreate it someday!

  2. How cool. Not sure what is best, the jewelry or the way you displayed it! I want all of it! Set aside a few gems for me. It seems like I just need to come visit for a weekend and get my goods!

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