Life Accordion To Squirrel Man

squirrel man playing accordian street art california pixie

Didn’t everybody see a big squirrel man playing the accordion on your morning walk? I took a little video. The reflection of the window is kinda tricky, but you’ll totally get it! Weird and happy at the same time!

For months in this little shop front he’s been reading a book.  Well, things just got better and I didn’t think they could! Accordion music through some mystery speakers?? I wanna track down the nutty genius that’s behind this, but then I kinda don’t…might kill the magic!


10 thoughts on “Life Accordion To Squirrel Man

  1. Today I walked by there and the door behind the squirrel was open! The owner invited me inside and we had a nice chat about how funny the SC sherrif’s blotter is and all kinds of stuff. He says he usually is hanging around there on Saturday and his space is really cool. Oh, and there is a cardinal inside wearing a suit sitting at a ping pong table reading and all kinds of interesting screen prints he has done….go check it out if you haven’t already….

    • I love the suit! Flat front pants…slim. hes a total stud!!! Just took some friends over tonight. They were a little creeped out!! Haha! So…you’re a veggie? Im a flexi mostly veggie. And how did u come to like dried fruit only? I love particular folk….never dull! K.

      • Hi Kimi! thank you for using another “P” word other than “peculiar” to describe me (and my eating habits). I used to like fresh fruit and grew up in Hawaii where there was much available, but for some reason fresh fruit does not taste good to me…well, hmmmm….I thought of an exception — avocados! I cannot live without my mother’s guac =)

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