The Sweater That Won’t Stop

california pixie free people cardigan makeover

Remember THIS ?  I chopped a big peruvian sweater in half and made it into a Free People style cardigan a few weeks ago. I know I recycle clothes all the time but I usually don’t recycle something I just recycled! But that’s what I just did!  It’s definitely got more goin on. New pom poms, fringe on the bottom and a pocket. It’s time to be done…just walk away!

DSC_0034    free people style cardigan DIY makeover

pathwork bellbottom jeans free people style wool sweater    DSC_0032

How about this for a dreary winter day?  I think it’s all the way down to 68….Southern California wool weather!

11 thoughts on “The Sweater That Won’t Stop

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  3. Could you PLEASE sell the pattern for this jacket? I would love to make it for my daughter! Maybe that would be an option for an etsy shop :)

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  5. Hey girl! I love it! So will you sell the sweater,I could use it a little more here in TN where it is cold for real LOL
    Let me know purrrrty please, you are talented for sure :o)

    • Hahaha!!! You wish! That thing has become family! I liked reworking it so much that I wondered about an etsy shop or some way to post a link to items for sale from here….we’ll see. AND THANKS for the props!! Anyday!! kimi.

  6. Number 1: Can you rub it in any more? The weather? Your cold winter? Whatever!
    Number 2: I think those pants could use another patch…I love you!

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