Fresh start #3 – Purple hippie happiness

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It’s been cleaning frenzy deluxe around here these past 2 weeks.  (Read about it HERE.) Almost done.  One room left. The back of the truck is full and I feel so empty!  A good empty. It feels sooo good! The proof is that angelic look in the top pic! The choices haven’t been that hard at all.  I was ready for this transformation, I guess. Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui is the book that inspired the friend that inspired me. I started reading it last night. One of the thoughts in the book is that by getting rid of things, you free up space for other possibilities. I’m thinking for the most part I’m freeing up my space for time. I now know where everything is and what’s there. My gosh, most of the time I don’t even know where my wallet is cuz I don’t just have that one special place for it. Now, even the bins in the attic are all clearly marked with duck tape and a fat marker. They say things like, xmas, costumes, camping gear. Not one of them is labeled “kimi’s crap”…..finally!  We’ve parted ways with 7 of those big ol bins. Gone! It’s been fun. Discoveries galore.  Like this purple dress! Found it in a box. Now this vintage piece of purple haze is in my closet where it belongs!

Soon I can entertain you with other things besides my current call to end the chaos!  I don’t calendar post ideas for California Pixie.  What I’m up to is what you get. Your fun comments and emails are the best incentive to stay adventurous and tackle all the things on my list!  I love hearing how you do things, it’s super inspiring. I hope you’re stirring up dust with your new year goal!!  Take care and THANKS!!

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Check this out:

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10 thoughts on “Fresh start #3 – Purple hippie happiness

  1. Way to go Kimi! I’m undertaking a similar process as I prepare for a big move to Eurasia, and it is not easy (particularly because I keep getting distracted by interesting discoveries amid all of my “crap”).

  2. I hear you all! My dad told me once that it is best to have all your things to fit in one box…. that box is called my house. hehehehe.

  3. I am very envious of your bookshelves! Clearing clutter is a great feeling & I’m totally with you on not calendarising posts. I just write about whatever I am doing currently, I can’t do planning ahead lol.
    Love the outfit btw :-)

  4. Nice work. Love the reference to not calendaring your posts. Very free. Largely how i do it too. Yes, purging and keeping only what you love… A skill i continue to work at….
    Thanks for the share!

  5. Good for you! Clearing the clutter is hard to do. I find it especially hard when I live in such a tiny big city apartment. But I love the minimalist look taking over home decor right now, its not only calming but just makes sense. We don’t need half the stuff we hold onto.

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