What The Fork


Ok, like these forks! I found these in an aqua blue vintage coffee canister I rescued from my great grandpa’s kitchen. I like em! They’re staying!  I’m going through my house sorting through cupboards, boxes, anything I can find. I’ve piled up loads to give away already but it’s been fun. I dug deep. I found stuff I hadn’t thought about in years! Here’s a few of today’s favorite discoveries. My fresh start January de-clutter goal isn’t so bad!

DSC_0848    vintage small plastic forks wooden

And this atomic glass whatever it is. I love it!  It’s staying , too.  Never ever used it but there is something about it I like.  I’m not quite an organizers nightmare.  I’ve watched Hoarders. I’ve seen people just sit there completely unable to even start!  That’s not me, but I do have some issues.  Like, if it’s old and either red or green,  it’s much harder to chuck!  OK, back to work!  k.

vintage ruby red anchor hocking glasses owl cookie jar retro kitchen    DSC_0861

vintage small little plastic forks style blog retro kitchen    atomic ranch style kitchen items glassware blog


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