The fresh start

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Everyone deserves a fresh start! It’s one of THE best gifts! Is that why resolutions are such a big deal for the New Year?  I make my list in September but I do have a goal for right now.  Infact, next Saturday! My friend was talking about clutter.  How we have emotional attachments to stuff!  We don’t get rid of things because…..for whatever reason. She mentioned that in a way we are stealing.  We are keeping things from other people.  Things that could be loved and used even more by someone else.  Bingo!!  THAT made it home. Put a whole new spin on it all for me. So, Saturday is the day. Starting in the garage and hoping to end in the attic! If I don’t absolutely love it or use it???  It’s out of here!  Ha…I sound so strong. Don’t be fooled! I’m sure it won’t be that easy since I just want it all, but when I think about it this way. ..Less to clean, less to organize, less to remember.  Ahhhh…I love it already!

Whatever you have goin on, I’m rooting for ya!  EVERYONE deserves a fresh start.  Go!!   Happy New Year!!  kimi.

16 thoughts on “The fresh start

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  4. What a perfect message for me to read right now… I’m currently decluttering at a necessarily rapid pace in advance of my big move to Europe in less than two weeks! I find that I get most attached to books, mostly because I’m a big re-reader. Ok, books and shoes. And maybe clothes too… Bah.

  5. Ok so my dads wife hired a professional organizer. Here’s what she said, 3 boxes
    1 keep, 1 throw away, 1 I don’t know. Then later go through I don’t know and do again. Keep I don’t knows and if you don’t miss them in a year don’t open box, just throw out;)

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