Serendipity Strikes Again

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I’m so happy right now I can’t stand it! This jacket is brand new! Well really old but nobody ever wore it so , new!  The red wool dress was knitted by some loving hand and this denim jacket is a tiny bit big but I’ll small it up and add some patches. Can’t wait! I stop and stare at the green train case whenever I pass it by. It’s time travel! Treasure hunting through history…I’m addicted!

vintage wool knit dress green samsonite train case 70s jean denim patchwork jacket

The brown jacket in the top photo is the real story here, the craziest part. About 9 years ago I found a jacket just like this for 4 bucks at the same thrift shop.  I sold it on Ebay for 70 bucks so I figure I got this new one for free!  Sellers regret was involved, so this is a big win! Then, and this is wacky, I was doing a google search for something last week and these pix I took of the first jacket to sell it on Ebay popped up.  No lie! This whole jacket thing has been so bizarro, serendipitous! Seriously, I had this post finished then updated it with these pix as proof of the craziness.  AND…good to see my photography’s improved a little!

Here are the Ebay photos…

jacket    jacket 1

kimi encarnacion california pixie vintage fashion style lifestyle blog

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