Rice, rice baby! Upcycle and make your own reusable shopping bag


I have a rice bag full of rice bags.  They’re hardcore.  What’s not to like? They’re already sewn up nice and strong, they got the cool graphics. The kings of upcycle! All I have to do is sew on a couple straps and go!  I do it 2 ways. Use a strip of my own colorful fabric for the straps OR go to the hardware store and buy strapping. That’s the simplest way but both are fun and easy!

LOVE the idea of taking something that’s a candidate for the trash can and giving it new life. Make your own reusable shopping bag! Rice, rice baby!!

Decide how big you want your bag.  Draw a line across and cut it down to size.


If you decide to make your own straps, I found this great tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew! Click HERE . Look at how she does this…genius! 25 inches long seems to be a nice length for shoulder straps and about 1-3 inches wide when finished. Use a bag you already have and like as a reference.



Turn the cut edge of your bag under and sew.  That gives you a clean finish. When attaching the straps sew a square with a big X in the middle. That makes it nice and strong. I added a little drawing so you’ll know exactly what I mean.



Your bag is done! Let me know how it turns out or if you find other cool things to make into bags.

23 thoughts on “Rice, rice baby! Upcycle and make your own reusable shopping bag

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  2. This is so practical and wise. You made good use of empty rice bag and you got yourself a shopping bag! Nature-conscious people are fascinating as they are honorable. You truly are nature friendly, and proud of it.

      • WOW…Your blog is visual captivating!! The opening page is nuts! LOVE those ice cream scoops…is that you?? Read the post about your day…Scorpions in shower. I love the play by play…amazing, really, what we accomplish in a day if we want to. k.

      • Thank you! I appreciate your comments since you definitately have a visual style thing going on that carries into your written affect as well. So cool! – Renee

  3. “STOP, Collaborate and Listen!
    RICE is back with a brand new addition!”

    Love it… They’re adorable, Kimi!

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