Wrapper’s Delight

chinese lucky cat take out container box

I have a real love of all things Asian.  Even my husband’s Asian!  This isn’t just a trendy adoration…I’m in it for the long haul. I love Chinatown and the one in Los Angeles has one of my favorite shops. The place is packed with little buddha’s, lucky cats, chopsticks and a gazillion other things, including paper! (I also have a thing for paper.) I started using the chinese papers as gift wrap a few years ago and it stuck. If I forget the card, friends usually know it’s from me.  And have you seen this baker’s string?  It comes in all these great colors and it’s striped! WIN! You might not be cuckoo for Asian, but whatever your style is, make use of it! Pens aren’t the only thing that make a great signature. Go for it!





22 thoughts on “Wrapper’s Delight

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  2. Cool colors Kimi, I’ve always seen these things laying around the house, but you definitely present them so well with your great eye! Niceness!

  3. I love it! Baker’s twine is my fave! I always load up on paper whenever I’m in a Chinatown. I have some of that exact paper. I think I picked it up in Vancouver! Too bad the Chinatown here in D.C. is pretty lame. You might have to become my supplier!

  4. Love the paper- and those cards!!! My sister was living in China a few years back and sent a wrapped present – I still have the paper! My husband and I were just talking about the LA Chinatown- I haven’t been in soooo long. I really want to take our kids- they would love it! :)

    • Mine do! We go for chinese new year and then other times to eat. LOVE Hop Li (not Hop Luie) and Full House Seafood. Soooo good. Livin in the south OC Panda Express has become great chinese…funny! Happy day. k.

      • Ha! So funny what we settle for sometimes when we’re desperate! But, hey- at least we get In-n-Out! :) Thanks for the tips on restaurants-I would have no idea where to go. Definitely must plan a trip soon.

  5. i love paper too! and i collect brown ink pens.

    what a great idea using the chinese paper for wrapping and the colored string too! (although when i wrap gifts they end up looking like a 2 year old did them).

    in my travels for work i find myself buying handmade paper books (usually made in india) that have flower
    petals in each page. it adds that much more to my journaling. :)

    • Shyam. I know the ones! How long have you kept journals? Are they the real decorative kind of notes about life and the day? That’s something I’m hit and miss with. AND…do you get my replies on here or should I send to your email? k.

      • hey kimi, i do get your replies! :) all good.

        i’ve been keeping some sort of journal for longer than i can remember but now my journals are a mix. i’m a very sentimental guy and so i write down every text message i get or give on a phone. crazy i know but one day i realized how many of these messages were occurring and i then saw that they summed up a good portion of each day and in the end each year. so i take a journal with me and write them down and in between make notes from time to time on how i am.

        i work on films and have to be gone from my lovely wife and pups (and chickens) often and this journaling helps me stay present. i leave for africa tomorrow until christmas.

        kimi i also wanted to let you know that i first met / heard of you when i saw your band.
        i’ve been to countless shows and your music (all four of you) really touched my life in a time when
        i was new to california (i’m from new jersey).

        in the early 2000s i started my own group of sort, not music but french toast!

        it’s called french toast and hugs and what happens is i set up a grill in a public place somewhere
        and hand out free french toast and hugs to people walking by. this has gradually turned
        into an international gang who have fed and hugged thousands.

        since i love music so much i make 100 mix cds for each FTX (french toast & hugs) event and hand them out for free. the music is particular to the location and feeling for that FTX. so for example in india it was
        a bollywood type of soundtrack and in philadelphia it was more 70s funk (and of course the rocky theme!)

        the first mix i ever did was for central park, nyc 2006 and for that mix i let people other than myself to pick the tracks.
        i only picked a few of them and they were songs that were very very important to me.

        one of them was one of yours: danny zucko

        (most of the mixes are not up since the page is a work in progress, but yours is!)

        FTX was co-created by one of my best friends, a brown dog named daisy mae and your song fit just right
        (like an old concert shirt!)


        so since 2006 i’ve been wanting to thank you and the m&c boys for the love you put into your art.

        we are all connected and i wanted to share this connection with you.


        ps: you can bet my FTX grill and griddle are going into my suitcase for africa tomorrow! ;)
        and i’m sorry for the length of this reply, it’s just been on my mind for so long to thank you guys.

      • WOW…nothing like a big long thankyou to get the day goin! Moonpools was a GREAT time! A life highlight for sure and especially when I hear from so many that were so into it. Africa til Christmas? Oh no!! Moonpools are finalizing details for a September gig in LA. Maybe you’ll have to come home to the wife and chickens that week.

        I am going to check out the french toast. I love stuff like that. Anytime people step out of the cozy zone and interact is great!

        THANKS for the note!!! kimi.

  6. ok thats it!!! you are my long lost sister!!! hahaha! i also have a fascination for paper. i have lots and lots of different paper, from craft paper, wrapping paper, washi and origami paper….i just love paper. i also love asian stuff like chopsticks, lucky cats, takeout boxes, oriental prints, etc. maybe i should send you a pair of my bestseller – miniature takeout box earrings (and yes it has tiny chopsticks in it too hehe)! and also a mahjong ring!

      • yes, here in the philippines :) thats where i got some of my supplies from when i was making accessories. i would love to go to chinatown there in the states! :) why dont you wear earrings?? :))

      • There’s a chit town in the phils?? I guess there would be they have em everywhere. Man…can’t believe I missed that. I’m not big on jewelry. I like brooches, pins, the occasional bracelet and that beaded red necklace I made and that’s about it. Nothing with the word “ring” in it. haha..

    • Thanks meghan! I threw that post together at 10 last night as an after thought. I’m usually about 3 weeks out with posts but I am behind! haha…Ever since the alaska trip AND the fact that I was inspired by the simple stateroom living of that trip to come home and de clutter, organize and streamline. So…there ya have it?? Time management has never been my strong point…no watch! How do you do it…what works? k.

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