Organization Rehab For The Pile Upper

Are you one of these? A piler?  Not so far gone that you end up on a tv show but a little too lazy to keep it tidy? Well that’s me and I just spent 2 days trying to pull it together. I’ve been so busy getting California Pixie off the ground that I’ve let a few things slide. My house was a mess but I’m back on the wagon. I’d say rehabilitated but that’s a big claim…gotta leave some wiggle room! Organization is cool cuz it’s just a word. You do what you want with it. Someone said that being organized takes a little bit longer but saves you a ton of time. Some of the busiest people I know are the most streamlined. I want that! Not to be the busiest person I know but the streamlined part. How about the gift of being able to find things…love that!  For me it has to make sense, be easy to keep up, but also has to have some style. I find myself subliminally arranging my socks and tshirts in rainbow order and even tho I know clear plastic containers offer the best view, I’ll take a vintage tin or hatbox over that any day just because I like it. It really is your stuff your way!

Go! Be free!!

Tell me how it turns out and if you already have it down, I want your secrets!



Hahaha…when I went to publish this post, it gave me some “tag” suggestions based on what I’ve written to make it more searchable. Alcoholism, Bobby Valentine, Insurance and Trapezius muscle….weird, is there something wrong with me?? Wasn’t this post about clearing up my junk piles and cleaning my closet? Maybe I have a bigger problem than I thought.  And who’s Bobby Valentine?

29 thoughts on “Organization Rehab For The Pile Upper

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    • Oh, good! Funny, I post this stuff and wonder what people are thinkign when they look at it. Thanks for writing! I’mt he same….love seeing what people got goin in there spaces. k.

  3. Closet porn! I love the stacks and the colors–yes, in rainbow order!!! I collect baskets and boxes from yard sales and Goodwill so I end up with an eclectic mix of storage. I like that much better than the plastic boxes. A pretty collection of bins inspires me to more neatness (not neatness, just MORE neatness) :)))…Glad to see I’m not alone and so waiting until school’s over to have time to re-organize my life!

    • Hahahah…that’s funny!!!! See? The internet let’s us know we are a little out there but not entirely alone, right? THANKS!! k.

    • Even tho i already own it, i stand back and look at it the same way. I love it! That’s years of thriftshopping and hand me downs, gifts and special creations. I’m glad you appreciate it! It’s worth cleaning up for! HAahaha..k.

  4. I’m such a piler too…every now and again I organise but I jusy can’t help myself messing it up! I love seeing inside your cupboard, with all the gorgeous colours and textures.

    • Haha…yes…glad I’m not alone!!! AND so happy you liked the pix! That’s the fun in stacking it all up on shelves, you can stand back and look at it.

  5. Happy to say, as of yesterday (2:30 pm) I have not one place in my house that is dis-organized, can you believe??? I spent the last week re-arranging my storage room. A huge trip to the DI, and tons of garbage. I threw out so much stuff and I feel so great!! Everything has a home (container) and every home has a name! AND, get this…I even have extra shelf space…doubt that will last long!

  6. I am SUCH a piler, haha. I’m definitely not one of those “born organized people”, so I have to force myself to bunker down and follow certain daily routines to prevent things from spirally irreversibly out of control in my living spaces.

    Also, I adore all the color in your closet! Those fluffy sweaters look so comfy. Great shots!

      • OK then, you get me!! Ya, the best part is stepping back after it’s all put back together ad checking out your stuff. I have collected allt hose clothes for years. Don’t even wear some very often, just have them cuz they are great vintage pieces. Funny, with all that great stuff, I wear bellbottoms and thirts everyday…my fave!!!! THANKS for hanging out!!! have a great day! kimi.

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