For The Love Of Cardigans

I found this great wool sweater at the thriftshop but I don’t do pullovers.  I think it’s because when I pull em over my head, all my bobbypins get yanked out, headscarf goes missing, makes for big problems! Besides I have jars full of vintage buttons that are just waiting for a spot.  Really tho, that sweater made me look like a sausage!

  1. First you have to cut the sweater down the center.  This is the scariest part cuz if you goof it up, craft time is over!
  2. Next turn the raw edge back and whip stitch so it’s clean and secure. At this point, you can leave it as is, which totally works or continue on.
  3. Pick some cool buttons.  I tie a knot with the thread where the button will be, then I sew the button on.  That way the button ends up where you want it.
  4. After that, if you have a sewing machine you can make really nice buttonholes.
  5. If not, measure the length of the button, make a slit and handsew around the opening.  Look at another cardigan for your example.

If you’re thinking you want to do this to a sweater and need more instruction, go online! There are tutorials for everything. I’m just here to get you thinking!

11 thoughts on “For The Love Of Cardigans

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  4. Kimi I love your pincushion! That would keep me smiling while I’m picking out mistakes – a usual part of my sewing ;D

  5. “really though, it makes me look like a sausage”. ha ha! yeah right! You’re the California Pixie!

  6. I love this idea! I feel the same way about pullover sweaters. You’ve inspired me! Now I don’t have to skip over those sweaters at the thrift store. Also, I have a very similar pin cushion!

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