Treasure Hunting

5:40am.  Ft. Bragg, California.  I slept in the back of the truck and rose at the serious crack of dawn just to get this picture.  You can’t mess around, who knows what beauty is waiting to be found. Funny cuz this beauty is really garbage.   Bottles, chandeliers, mixing bowls, tail lights, anything made of glass that was thrown away.  Broken into pieces and tossed back and forth over rock and sand for years and years until they wash ashore as little gems.  Sea glass.  I have jars of the stuff.  Collecting it is addicting.  I only rise before 8 for estate sales and snow boarding.  I’m addicted!  Usually you comb the beach finding maybe 1 or 2 pieces but this weekend I hit the mother lode!

This is the story of me, Ft. Bragg and a little bit of Monterrey.

13 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting

  1. I’m so jealous. I’ve never seen so much sea glass and in so many colors. I especially love the weathered ceramic pieces. I wish I lived somewhere near the ocean. I’d totally get up early to find some of these gems.

  2. Your pictures are so uplifting and when I see an email from you I find that I am always smiling!! Love from Janet Stenner.

  3. I just found this post, and I am sooooo jealous. I love sea glass and have been collecting for many years, but I have never seen a beach with that much glass. The closest I came was a beach in Aruba. There was a lot of garbage on the beach, though, so it was not as much fun sorting through. Here you can read a post of mine of one of my projects with beach glass.

  4. Glass beach is TOTALLY cheating!!! The beauty of sea glass is in the hunt. If you want some easy pickings & handsome rewards, go scavenge the beaches in SSF. The bay is more gentle than the ocean, so you get bigger chunks of polished glass.

    • Hahaha…OK, I must say, I did not fill bags of the stuff like some friends of mine did. It was still treasure hunting, fo sho! I can’t wait to go again!!! I loved Monterrey. Now tell me…what in the heck is SSF?


  5. Seeeeaaaaaa Glaaaaaass! It is VERY addicting, isn’t it? So beautiful- and it gives you the same “hunty” ecstatic feeling to find as a good thrift day! When we lived up north, we were going to go to Fort Bragg just for the glass, but never made it. :( (Did you know it’s actually illegal to take it off the beach there? Lame- I can’t see how they would enforce that. I know I’d be in cuffs! ;) )Thankfully when we moved to Ventura I was so blessed to be able to go every morning…sometimes crack of dawn, to find it. It’s such a beautiful gift to find. Amazing and beautiful haul you found up there…you must have been so excited! :)

    • I can’t wait to go back. It was so fun. Weird to be foraging through piles of glass rather than rocks. You find yourself just looking for the rarest of the rare instead of grabbing everything you see. Really a treat! Exactly how you described it!!! Event he thrift day. ahhaa.

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