Saturday in Chi Town

When I was a kid, the placemat at Ho Ho Gourmet in Bountiful, Utah showed me I was born year of the sheep.  That I was content to be middle of the road and happy to just go with the flow.  I mean I am a lover not a fighter but go with the flow?  Just about almost never!  So what if the chinese zodiac isn’t gospel.  It hasn’t stopped me from loving most all things chinese.  Especially Chinatown.  Every big city has one.  This is Los Angeles.

For the hungers, Hop Li (not Hop Louie) and Full House Seafood are 2 of the best places to eat!

Bring a camera!

Never pass up a chinese bakery.

5 thoughts on “Saturday in Chi Town

  1. Thank heavens that the Chinese Zodiac isn’t gospel! So glad you are who you are – our lives wouldn’t be as exciting! I am a hunger, so I can’t wait to try out those restaurants. Love the pics.

    • I know…a sheep? hahah…I do appreciate the peace and gentleness, tho. Gotta thank the chinese for that! YES! Those restaurants are great!!!

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